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President Bacow

Bacow Says He Has Never Reversed a Tenure Decision in Response to García Peña Backlash

Amid controversy over the tenure denial of associate professor Lorgia García Peña, University President Lawrence S. Bacow said he has never reversed a tenure decision during his time at Harvard, nor did he as president of Tufts.

President Bacow
The Game

Bacow Says He ‘Respects’ Right to Protest, But Holds Firm on Divestment Position

Following a demonstration interrupting The Game, Bacow said in an interview last week that he “respects” the right to protest but opposes activists’ decision to disrupt the game.

Nobody Wins Protest
Harvard Yard

Divest Activists and HGSU Rally in Harvard Yard for Fossil Fuel Divestment

Divest Harvard hosted a rally to push for fossil fuel divestment in coordination with picketers from Harvard’s graduate student union.

Police at Harvard-Yale

Divestment Protesters to Appear in New Haven Courthouse on Dec. 6

Fifty people were arrested — including 11 Harvard students and alumni and at least 19  Yale students and alumni — after hundreds of people stormed the field during the 136th edition of The Game Saturday.

Massachusetts Hall
Radcliffe Institute

Bacow Announces Initiative to Study Harvard's Ties to Slavery

University President Lawrence S. Bacow announced the creation of a University-wide initiative to address and further research the school’s ties to slavery in an email sent to Harvard affiliates Thursday.

President Bacow

Bacow Says Harvard Conducting 'More Substantial Review' of Gift Policies

University President Lawrence S. Bacow said in an interview last week that Harvard’s review of its gift policies is a “more substantial review” than has been previously conducted in light of a simultaneous inquiry into billionaire and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s donations to the University.


Amid Impeachment Inquiry, Bacow Uncertain About Timeline for Higher Ed Bills

University President Lawrence S. Bacow said in an interview Tuesday that it is “unclear” how quickly higher education legislation will make it through Congress given the ongoing impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

President Bacow

Bacow Calls Grad Students Union's Dec. 3 Strike Deadline 'Unnecessary'

University President Lawrence S. Bacow said in an interview Tuesday that Harvard’s graduate student union’s Dec. 3 strike deadline is “unnecessary” in light of ongoing negotiations between the union and University.

Bacow At The Table

Harvard Admins ‘Pleased’ with House Democrats' Bill to Reauthorize Higher Ed Act

After months of lobbying lawmakers, University administrators are “pleased” with the changes in a new bill proposed by House Democrats to reauthorize the Higher Education Act of 1965.

Loeb House
Harvard in the World

Harvard Forward Campaign Calls for Increased Representation on Governance Board

Harvard Forward — a group working to bring attention to climate change — is backing a slate of candidates for the Board of Overseers on a platform of fossil fuel divestment and ensuring younger alumni are represented on the University’s second highest governing body.

Lawrence Bacow

Harvard Alumni Reiterate Divestment Demands in Letter to Bacow

A group of alumni and faculty supporting fossil fuel divestment penned a letter to University President Lawrence S. Bacow and Senior Fellow of the Harvard Corporation William F. Lee ’72 last week asking for a meeting with members of the Corporation.

Massachusetts Hall

First University-Wide Pulse Survey Finds Majority of Respondents Feel They Belong at Harvard

Fifty-two percent of respondents to Harvard’s pilot Pulse Survey on Inclusion and Belong said they agree or strongly agree with a statement inquiring whether they feel they belong at Harvard, according to the survey results released Wednesday.

Prison Divestment

Harvard Prison Divestment Activists Walk Out of Bacow Meeting

Harvard Prison Divestment Campaign members walked out of a Monday meeting with University President Lawrence S. Bacow and the Corporation Committee on Shareholder Responsibility to protest the administrators’ alleged unwillingness to consider divesting from the prison industry.

Prison Divestment
Harvard Law School

Harvard Prison Divestment Campaign Delivers Report to Mass. Hall

Members of the Harvard Prison Divestment Campaign delivered their 64-page report detailing the University’s alleged investments in companies tied to the prison industry to Massachusetts Hall Monday.

Divest Monday Demonstration

Divest Harvard Holds Protest About University’s Brazilian Land Ownership

Divest Harvard — a student group demanding the University divest from fossil fuels — hosted a day of events Monday calling attention to Harvard’s ownership of Brazilian land and reigniting its calls for the school to sell those holdings in the name of environmentalism.