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Visitas Do’s and Don'ts For Prefrosh and Hosts

In-person Visitas is back, bringing many lucky prefrosh to campus! Several pre-frosh will brave dorm life and stay with current undergrads, who will graciously host them for the weekend. Here’s Flyby Blog’s do’s and don’ts list for prefrosh and their hosts to avoid any and all drama.

visitas freshman housing

First Year Housing Round Up

We know you’re all asking yourselves the same questions: where exactly do freshmen live? How do they get assigned dorms? Which dorms are the best? And, what is ~The Yard~? Prefrosh, we’ve got you covered. Welcome to Flyby’s first-year housing guide, where we’ll spill the deets about the housing process and dorm life during your freshman year!

Flyby Blog

Flyby Debates: Which Colors Belong with Which Subject

Remember the good old days when you couldn’t wait to shop for back-to-school notebooks and binders in middle school? Have those choices become embedded in your psyche as well? We know some of these might be hot takes, but check out this article to see if your color choices align with ours.

Adams 2022 Graphic

Adams House

What’s not to love about Adams House? From the old academia, Hogwarts-esque golden-gilded rooms to the incredible proximity to your classes in the Yard, it’s prime for romanticizing your time at Harvard (plus, it’s being renovated)! Perfect for dog and cat lovers (scroll down for a sneak peak of the resident pets, you won’t be disappointed), Adams is known for its tight-knit community and support system.

kutwk salad

An Ode to the New HUDS Salad Bar

After two weeks (but what felt like a month) of grab ‘n’ go dining, we walked back into the dhalls, hearts full and stomachs empty. We were met with a glorious sight: the New Salad Bar — and yes, it does merit capitalization, it’s that life changing. Red pickled onions, flaked parmesan, fresh olives and peppers, what more could one wish for?

mind. blown.
Flyby Blog

Five Brain Break Ideas That Are Actually Brain Breaks

It’s hard to take real brain breaks at Harvard without worrying about your pset due tomorrow or an upcoming essay deadline. Instead of aimlessly scrolling on TikTok, block out time on your Gcal for a few of these ~good-for-the-soul~ brain breaks that’ll leave you feeling refreshed

how to lose a guy in 10 days
Flyby Blog

How to Lose a Harvard Man in 10 Days

Need to get out of that situationship ASAP? Flyby’s got you covered (hint: telling him you’ve secured a summer internship at Goldman is a great way to start).

Harvard Law Review
Harvard Law School

Priscila E. Coronado Elected as Harvard Law Review’s First Latina President

The Harvard Law Review elected second-year law student Priscila E. Coronado as its president late last month, making her the first Latina to hold the role in the journal’s 136-year history.

harry rolling eyes
Flyby Blog

Which Harry Potter Character You Are Based on Your Go-To Study Spot

There are so many niche study spots on campus. If the golden wizarding trio and their fellow Hogwarts-dwellers attended Harvard, where would they go to do their charms or potions homework?

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ekr's harry potter graphic

parks n rec chair throwing
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Can You Spend $700 Better Than Harvard? Probably Yes.

With the frigid temperatures making Shopping Week the first week of classes even less fun, classic fixtures of the Yard have gone into hibernation, including our favorite colorful chairs. While the chairs add a nice touch of modernity and a pop of color to Harvard’s campus, here’s what else Harvard could have spent the $14,000+ on.

Harvard Law School 3
Harvard Law School

Harvard Law School Clinic Sues Immigration Authorities Over Public Records Requests

A Harvard Law School clinic filed a federal lawsuit against United States immigration authorities last month over the government’s refusal to provide records about the use of solitary confinement in immigrant detention centers.

Theodora Skeadas City Council
City Politics

Theo Skeadas ’12 Champions Local Business, Climate in Political Debut

Growing up, Theodora M. “Theo” Skeadas ’12 never thought she would run for public office.

Chan School of Public Health

Former Agriculture Secretary Dan Glickman Discusses Leadership, Politics, and Agriculture

Former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman talked about the evolution of American agricultural and food policy, the importance of resilience, and the importance of humor among public servants in a virtual conversation Wednesday.

Harvard Art Museums
On Campus

Affiliates Celebrate Reopening of Harvard Art Museums

The Harvard Art Museums welcomed back students and Cambridge art lovers in early September, nearly 18 months after shutting their doors in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.