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Dunster 2022 Dining Hall
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Flyby Tries: Eating in Every Upperclassman Dining Hall

Do you miss Housing Day? Want to fuel your House pride even more? Here’s my experience sneaking into - I mean, dining in every single upperclassman dining hall…


Impressions: The Duality of Bass, Multi-instrumentality, and Discovering Indie-Folk Artists on Spotify with Ben J. Dreier ‘22-23

I just have a lot more fun with music in college now.

Dunster 2022 graphic

Dunster House

Do you miss John from Annenberg already? Then you better pray that the Housing Gods put in his new house — Dunster! If you end up in Dunster, you can boast about your room’s unobstructed view of the Charles and dominance in intramurals over a meal in the beautiful dining hall, while making your engineering friends jealous that you don’t need a shuttle to get to the SEC.

Lana Wagner Image

Impressions: Vintage Fashion, Jazz Music, and “Dad Rock” with Lana R. Wagner ‘25

I find it very satisfying to take this physical media and representation of art and put all this care into queuing up the vinyl, making sure the audio sounds right, and then playing it on air.

'Ship Happens' Still

‘Ship Happens’ Review: More Than Just Good Jokes and Chaos

Four misfits walk onto a luxury yacht and what follows is two hours filled with eccentric characters, clever jokes, and some good old-fashioned petty drama.

rhea's handmade valentines!
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rhea's handmade valentines!

rhea's handmade valentines!

Flyby Tries: Giving Everyone in Your Class Valentine’s Day Cards

Remember back in 3rd grade when Valentine’s Day was all about delivering mini cards with candy taped to them to every single one of your classmates and not about swiping through your Instagram stories sad because you’re single? Relive the glory days by reading this piece where Flyby tried to recreate this elementary school tradition.

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Ways To Exercise Around Campus Without Going to the Gym

It’s much easier to spend the next 10 minutes scrolling through Instagram instead of walking over to the MAC, let alone spending the next 30 minutes half-jogging, half-walking on a treadmill with a mask on. So we’re here to show you some gym-free ways to get your sweat on and help your New Year’s resolutions survive the start of the spring semester.

Yntema Headshot
On Campus

Artist Profile: Elizabeth Yntema

She said the pandemic has exacerbated the differences across various ballet companies as the performing arts world is experiencing a “growing income and resources disparity.”

ModdedController360 Still

ModdedController360 Review: An Opportunity to Reflect on Chalamet’s Growth

Following the release of “Dune,” the second most essential Timothée Chalamet-related piece of news from the past two months is the discovery of his YouTube channel, ModdedController360.


What We’re Thankful For (Harvard Edition)

With Thanksgiving Break just around the corner and the end of the semester a block or two past that, we at Flyby wanted to share what this semester has made us thankful for at Harvard.

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How To: Eat When Your G-Cal Doesn’t Have Space for Meals

It’s the time of year where there’s more ~color~ everywhere—in the trees, in our lives, and most importantly, in our Google Calendars. And with the Add/Drop deadline behind us, those long days without lunch breaks are now officially here to stay. But never fear: Flyby is here to teach you how to get those carbs (and veggies) in, even in the busiest of weeks.

Jesus Carlos

From the Military to Classroom

After four years of serving in the U.S. Marine Corps, Emann is one of 51 veterans currently enrolled at Harvard College, according to the Harvard Undergraduate Veterans Organization. The veteran population at the College has steadily grown in recent years, jumping from 24 students in 2020 to 51 students in 2021, amid recruiting efforts and increased support from organizations like Service to School and Next Step Inbound, which focus on helping veterans attend college.