Senior grad pics graphic

Dear Seniors: Here Are Some Great Locations for Commencement Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when it comes to capturing the essence of your Harvard experience.

Senior Post Grad Plans Graphic

Dear Seniors: Here Are Some Post-Grad Plans If You Don't Have a Job

So you’re graduating, and you didn’t secure a six figure starting salary for your first job out of Harvard. Or maybe you want to ignore the reality of adulthood for the next few months. Here are Flyby’s suggestions for how to live your best life after graduation.

Senior commencement outfit graphic

Dear Seniors: Need a Last-Minute Graduation Outfit? Here Are Some Ideas.

Don’t know what you’re wearing to graduation yet? Having a last-minute closet breakdown? We’re here to help.

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Flyby's Commencement Feature: Senior Edition

As you prepare for commencement, here are some of our tips and ideas for how you can prepare for your big day and post-grad life.

Sibling Harvard Square Guide graphic

Younger Siblings: Here’s Where in Harvard Square is Actually Cool

Hopefully these spots will keep you from being bored to tears while everybody else fawns over your sibling. Hang in there — your time will come soon enough!

Cheap grad gifts graphic

Siblings: Here’s Where to Get a Cheap Graduation Gift Nearby

Let’s face it, graduation season is expensive. If you’re a Harvard sibling looking to get brownie points with your soon-to-be rich consultant sibling but don’t want to burn a hole in your wallet, this one’s for you.

Where siblings should sneak into graphic

Dear Siblings: These Are the Harvard Spots You Should Sneak Into

Make sure to force your sibling to let you check out the hidden gems on our campus before they lose swipe access forever…

Sibling feature commencement 2024 graphic

Flyby's Commencement Feature: Sibling Edition

We wrote some special articles just for you so you can get the most out of your sibling's big moment. Check out these articles for a break from doomscrolling and insight into your very own Harvard experience.

Flyby's Parent Commencement Guide Graphic

Flyby's Commencement Feature: Parent Edition

Hello! Are you a parent of a Harvard senior who is graduating on Thursday morning? First of all, congratulations! And second of all, maybe you'd like some assistance from Harvard students/Cambridge residents/the creators of the most premium scrolling fodder on campus. Check out these three articles for some ~parent friendly~ content.

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Dear Parents: Here’s Where You Should Hang Out in Harvard Square

Hello Harvard parents and welcome to our quirky student life blog. Have you been abandoned by your child even though you came all the way to Cambridge to see them? Here’s some places you should visit in the Square while your soon-to-be college graduate is busy taking graduation photos or catching up with their freshmen year best friends.

Parents where to go graphic

Parents: Here’s Where You Should Make Your Senior Show You

Here’s where you should force your senior to show you before they graduate.

Randolph Hall

‘Tied to the People’: As Renovations Loom, Harvard Affiliates Say House Culture Will Persevere

Despite initial fears, alumni and affiliates who experienced living through past renovation projects expressed optimism surrounding House culture — saying that they were able to preserve their Houses’ long-standing traditions, culture, and spirit.

Luke Tang Trial

Expert Witness Says Northrop’s Lack of Summer Contact Was ‘Typical’ for University Case Workers

Carrie E. Landa, Boston University’s executive director for student wellbeing, testified on Thursday that Harvard Counseling and Mental Health Services employee Melanie G. Northrop’s lack of contact with Luke Z. Tang ’18 over the summer was “typical” for university case workers.

Welcome, Class of 2028!

Flyby's 2024 Visitas Guide!

We know there's a lot going on, but we've been where you are. So, we wrote a ton of articles to help you out. Here's a breakdown of what we have to offer.

Adams graphic 2024!

Adams House

With an ideal central location, a great community (with an unofficial acorn mascot) and newly renovated buildings, what’s not to love about Adams House? Normally composed of four residences — Westmorley Court, Randolph, Russell, Claverly Hall — Adams is one of the larger upperclassman houses on campus. Connected to House buildings by an underground tunnel, you won’t ever have to walk outside in the cold to go to breakfast! Yes, we may never beat the allegations that we don’t touch grass, but besides that, another fun fact (and flex) is that Adams House was once the home of the one and only Franklin D. Roosevelt!