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flyby predicts ur end of semester

Flyby Horoscopes: End of Spring Semester

If you’re wondering what your last few weeks of school will look like, look no further. Flyby’s amateur astrologists have the answer for you. Read up to find out whether you should be prioritizing school work, connecting with friends before the year ends, or double checking your finals schedule.

visitas host graphic

Visitas Do’s and Don'ts For Prefrosh and Hosts

In-person Visitas is back, bringing many lucky prefrosh to campus! Several pre-frosh will brave dorm life and stay with current undergrads, who will graciously host them for the weekend. Here’s Flyby Blog’s do’s and don’ts list for prefrosh and their hosts to avoid any and all drama.

visitas freshman housing

First Year Housing Round Up

We know you’re all asking yourselves the same questions: where exactly do freshmen live? How do they get assigned dorms? Which dorms are the best? And, what is ~The Yard~? Prefrosh, we’ve got you covered. Welcome to Flyby’s first-year housing guide, where we’ll spill the deets about the housing process and dorm life during your freshman year!

housing day expectations
Flyby Blog

Expectations vs. Reality: Housing Day

Ever since I committed to Harvard, I’ve been looking forward to Housing Day. I couldn’t wait to have way-too-much house pride, meet other upperclassmen, and get my complete “Harvard introduction.” Housing Day 2022 came and went, so here is a first year’s Housing Day expectations vs. reality comparison for the much-anticipated event.

Housing Day GIF

The Best Blocking Group Names from the Class of 2025

Part of the hard work of preparing for Housing Day for first-years was, of course, manifesting their favorite House, River Running, and most importantly, coming up with a blocking group name. This year’s batch were nothing short of punny, topical, risque, intellectual, and remarkably self-aware. So, here’s Flyby’s breakdown of the twelve most hilarious and creative names from the Class of 2025!

Eliot 2022 Graphic

Eliot House

Perfectly situated next to the Charles yet close to the Yard, Eliot has much to offer its residents. Eliot boasts elaborate House parties, enhanced dinners, spacious rooms, festive Steins, and classy Harvard architecture. The only downfall: your friends might get jealous of Eliot’s snazzy perks and the vibrant community that comes with them. But, c’est la vie when you live in the “material girl” of Harvard Houses.

asking out gif

Flyby Tries: Asking Someone Out For Valentine's Day

Asking someone out is daunting. Real life is not like the movies, and I’m wimpy and don’t like “putting myself out there.” However, I overcame my mental block and committed to ask someone out, only to realize that figuring out who to ask would be, in fact, the more daunting task.

falling in snow like i fell in love
Flyby Blog

Love It/Hate It: Cold Weather

Everyone knows it has been exceptionally cold out recently, but are we living in a Winter Wonderland or a slushy nightmare? Check out Flyby’s article on the pros and cons of winter weather to decide for yourself.

Sweating Athlete GIF

I was A D-I Varsity Athlete for 50 Days. This Is My Story.

Ever seen a super fit and athletic looking person? That was me for 50 days. Sort of. Since the Novice Crew season has come to a close, here are some of the things I learned during my time as a D1 athlete.

The Game!
Flyby Blog

My First Harvard-Yale: Expectations vs. Reality

Whether this was actually your first Harvard/Yale Game or just *felt* like your first one after the years away, there's always some exciting expectations going into this 24 hours of adventuring to New Haven. Whether these expectations are actually met... that's a different question. Read on for our own writer's journey through the highs and lows of The Game!