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Quiz: Which Office Hour Attendee Are You?

We’ve all had our fair share of Zoom office hours this semester and have seen the same few characters at each session. Take this quiz to find out which type of office hours attendee you are!

Things you shouldn't do
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Dear Freshmen: Things You Shouldn't Do Even If There Are No Upperclassmen

Ah, fall semester of freshman year. Normally this time is characterized by excessive partying and getting lost on campus, but this year’s first years are dealing with another beast entirely. But even without the physical challenges of freshman year, certain traditions persist. With no (okay, not enough) upperclassmen on campus to tell you what is or isn’t okay to do as a freshman, Flyby has got you covered.

Harvard Confessions
Student Life

Confessions of a Harvard Confessions Admin

If you’ve ever wondered about the behind-the-scenes details, Flyby has got you covered with an interview from an admin who asked to be anonymous to preserve the nature of the Harvard Confessions page.

Broad Institute Wet Labs
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Tips for Remote Research

Let’s be real: even for the most well-prepared students, the coronavirus has thrown a wrench into all of our plans. Along with summer travel plans and on-campus classes, COVID-19 has even taken out in-person research — restrictions are so tough that even the most hardcore pre-meds can’t get into a physical lab. Even though you envision test tubes and beakers when you think of a lab, there are plenty of remote research opportunities available at Harvard. If you’re looking to get involved in a lab or work for a professor, check out ways you can maximize your remote research experience below!

Bedroom Dancing Design
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Friday Night Plans: Remote Edition

Now that classes have officially started, we all need something to look forward to when each arduous week comes to a close. Even though partying is off the table (please social distance!), your Friday nights don’t need to be as dull as they were during early quarantine. Check out these fun ideas to spend your weekends remotely!

huds items
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Recreate HUDS Dishes: Brunch Edition

While psets and long Zoom lectures are in our futures, HUDS brunches unfortunately aren't — for those of us not on campus, at least. We decided to bring our favorites to you at home in Part Two of our Recreate HUDS Dishes series.

Freshman Health Week
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Recreate HUDS Dishes at Home: Seitan Pepper Sizzle and Cookie Bar

From breadmaking to lavish desserts to savory salads, lots of people are trying their culinary hand at a new meal in quarantine. But sometimes a wave of nostalgia hits you out of nowhere and all of the sudden you’re missing the too-bright lights of the Science Center and the strange but addictive flavor of Red’s Spiced Chicken. If you’re craving HUDS or just want to pretend like you’re sitting in the dhall with your friends, check out our recipes to recreate some HUDS staples below!

Summer Postcard: Cambridge
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How to Stay Busy This Summer: Quarantine Edition

For most (if not all) of us, COVID-19 has thrown summer plans out the window. Instead of conducting research or eating pastries in Paris, maybe you’ve been scrolling through Tiktok for three hours at a time. Here are some ways to stay busy this summer!

my.Harvard courses
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New Course Names Post-COVID-19

It’s safe to say that COVID-19 has changed our lives completely — and will probably continue to do so. While we can’t exactly predict what the future holds, we can try to predict Harvard’s course catalog! As Harvard boasts courses as “the kind students will never forget,” these fake future courses are bound to be engaging — or at least give students in 2080 an intense intro to quarantine.

Harvard vocab 101

24 Harvard Vocab Words for the Class of '24

Vistas is usually a great time to become acquainted with the acronyms and names that make Harvard what it is, so why should Virtual Visitas be any different?

Silver linings

The Silver Linings of Virtual Visitas

While it’s certainly disappointing that Visitas has moved online, there are some silver linings that you can appreciate about not being on campus.

Lattes and Laptops
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How to Not Have Your Head Hurt Like Crazy After All This Screen Time

With professors running overtime, our social hangouts restricted to Houseparty, and TikTok as our only source of entertainment, we’re looking at our screens more now than ever — if that’s even possible. Here’s how to avoid a massive headache after all this screen time!

Pfoho Sophomore Bedroom
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How to Cheer Up Your Childhood Bedroom for Spring

The coronavirus outbreak may cancel all of our summer plans, but we can still look forward to warm weather and the spring sun to cheer ourselves up. Not only does springtime bring clear skies and t-shirts (although sadly no Yardfest this year), it also gives us an excuse to redecorate our childhood bedrooms in the name of “spring cleaning.”

Student Life

How to Be Productive: Remote Learning Edition

Check out these tips below if a virtual Lamont Zoom background just isn’t cutting it for you.

McKinlock Hall
Student Life

Housing Market 2020: Leverett

Boasting a large, tight-knit community and surprisingly spacious rooms, Leverett’s reputation as a great house on campus is no secret. Looking for community and great architecture? Then look no further than the Bunny Court itself!