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The Seven Sisters Cliffs

The Seven Sisters Cliffs and Coastguard Cottages from “Atonement”

England, the site of numerous popular film locations, holds one of the most striking settings in cinema: the Seven Sisters, a stretch of sprawling cliffs in East Sussex.

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Year in Review

Arts Vanity: The Art of the Perfect Plane Film

A film must be perfectly curated to be chosen 30,000 feet in the air.

Still of Tom Blyth and Rachel Zegler in "The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes."

Review: ‘The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes’ Lands on Top

A new “Hunger Games” film never fails to amaze. With each new violent, alluring addition to the franchise, the cinematic juggernaut that is the “Hunger Games” grows and complicates.

Hunger Games Image

The Literary World of “The Hunger Games”: Mockingjays, Snakes, and Everything in Between

At a time when this renowned franchise once again adorns theaters across the globe, revisiting the literary trajectory of “The Hunger Games” seems not only fitting, but necessary.

Poster of "Five Nights of Freddy's"

‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’ Review: A Nostalgic Flashback of Fazbear Fun

“Five Nights at Freddy’s” at its core, is horror. And while the film is far from frightening, its attention to detail allows it to uphold its chilling reputation.

Kim Petras Concert Review Image 1

Kim Petras Concert Review: An Outstandingly Rowdy, Slightly Uneven Rave

On Oct. 7, Petras brought her infectious persona in all its raunchy glory to MGM Music Hall at Fenway as a part of her ‘Feed the Beast’ World Tour.


Comfort Shows To Get You Through Finals

In honor of the end of the semester, here is a selection of the Arts board's favorite comfort shows.

95th Academy Awards Poster

The Crimson's 2023 Oscar Coverage

The Crimson Covers the 95th Academy Awards.

"Triangle of Sadness" Best Picture Ballot

Case for Best Picture: ‘Triangle of Sadness’

A daring shift from a long sequence of bodily fluids to a third act of thought-provoking social commentary cemented my love for “Triangle of Sadness.”

"Creed III" Still with Michael B. Jordan

‘Creed 3’ Review: A Cinematic Knock-Out

"Creed 3" is a remarkable exploration of visuals and narrative, creating a film that is instrumental in cementing Adonis Creed’s own memorable legacy.

SZA Concert Image

SZA Concert Review: A Voyage of Stunning Visuals and Remarkable Artistic Vision

For the sixth show of her “SOS Tour” at Boston’s TD Garden on Feb. 28, SZA brought her acclaimed second studio album of the same name to life.

So You Want to Listen to Afrobeats Spotify Playlist

So You Want to Listen to Afrobeats Image

So You Want to Listen to Afrobeats? Here’s Where You Can Start.

For those looking to be a legend on aux at the next function, here are a few Afrobeats songs to add to your repertoire.

Monique Vanity Image

Arts Vanity: Top 10 Rookie Mistakes Made in the 'Hunger Games'

I took it upon myself to craft together 10 of the biggest mistakes rookies would make in the Hunger Games.

'Enola Holmes 2' Still

‘Enola Holmes 2’ Review: Lackluster In Comparison to Its Successful Predecessor

Even though “Enola Holmes 2” dims in comparison to the first film in the mystery series, it is charming nonetheless.