Before You Knew Image

‘Before You Knew My Name’ Review: An Ambitious Story Missing Something Special

A fun read with a unique twist on a true crime-like story, this novel ultimately spreads itself too thin with an ever-growing cast of ensemble characters.

Javier Zamora's "Solito"

'Solito' Review: Is Empathy Enough?

As Zamora narrates the hardships he survived, the reader is left to grapple with the enormity of his situation and its apparent hopelessness.

"Gran Cocina Latina" Image

'Gran Cocina Latina' Review: An Homage to Food in Latin Life

Presilla presents over 500 recipes that encapsulate the flavors and techniques of Latin American cuisine.

'A Book of Days' Cover

‘A Book of Days’ Review: A Peek into the Mind of Patti Smith

Photos like these offer an interesting glimpse into the way Smith thinks and interacts with the world, finding simple moments to appreciate each day.

'It Came from the Closet' Cover

‘It Came From the Closet’ Review: A Lyrical Tribute to Queerness and the Macabre

Replete with beautiful, memoir-style narratives, this collection of essays is well worth the read regardless of the reader’s affinity for horror or movie analysis.

Bronski and Borawski Photo

Harvard Authors Spotlight: Michael Bronski

The efforts of Bronski and others to revive lost AIDS literature like Borawski’s are a crucial step forward for the queer community.

'The Shards' Cover

‘The Shards’ Review: Bret Easton Ellis is a Master in Paranoia

Above all else, “The Shards” is a horror novel, and it is set to scare readers in the best way possible.

"The 12th Commandment" cover.

“The 12th Commandment” Review: A Disappointing Dönme Mystery

"The 12th Commandment" suffers from tired character archetypes, overambitious storytelling, and long-winded pacing that makes it impossible for the book to find a place among any genre’s contemporary greats.

Claire Saffitz's salty cashew blondies.

‘What’s for Dessert’ Review: Claire Saffitz Delivers Exquisite Recipes and Sweet Stories

Saffitz’s latest release is a valuable resource for anyone who identifies as a dessert person. She acts as a helpful, instructive guide while leaving room for flexibility, adaptation, and exploration.

'The Light We Carry' Cover

‘The Light We Carry’ Review: Michelle Obama’s Diplomacy For The Soul

“The Light We Carry” is a performance worthy of a First Lady — genuine, easy, intimate, but one which keeps the reader at arm’s length, just far enough to stay real.

from our bookshelves

From Our Bookshelves: The Forest of Wool and Steel

As a pianist and lover of words, I treasure the tender, poetic prose and imagery of "The Forest of Wool and Steel;" as a Harvard student, I value its remedial guidance for how to maneuver through some of Harvard’s greatest challenges.

"Stay True" cover.

‘Stay True’ Review: A Paean to Friendship’s Afterlives

At once a eulogy and a bildungsroman, a homage and a work of autotheory, "Stay True" is a layered form of searching.

'Dot' Cover

‘Dot’ Review: An Ode to the Everyday

Though the work is comforting, it’s an ode, not a lullaby — this read is a page turner.

'Liberation Day' Cover

‘Liberation Day’ Review: An Exploration of Unconditional Humanity

Saunders crafts an emotional and enlightening journey through the nine short stories in “Liberation Day” with a restrained and imaginative writing style, peppered with humor and wit.

"Ten Planets" cover.

‘Ten Planets’ Review: A Philosophical Exercise of Cosmic Proportions

“Ten Planets” is neither warning nor prophecy — it is a compelling contemplation on the human capacity to find beauty in even the most dystopian settings, as well as its tendency to create instruments of oppression.