Bo Seo Image

Harvard Authors Spotlight: Bo Seo

He expressed a preference for a realistic account of his time on campus over rose-colored romanticism: “I wanted to talk about what it was, and what it was was pretty good.”

'Yerba Buena' Cover

'Yerba Buena' Review: Understated, Bittersweet, Brilliant

“Yerba Buena” is a mature novel through and through. LaCour demonstrates remarkable agility in retaining the more favorable aspects of young adult fiction while also taking the story to new depths.

Jennifer Egan

Jennifer Egan Owns Her Unconscious

Readers of Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jennifer Egan gathered at the Brattle Theater on Friday, April 8, for an hour-long event featuring a reading and Q&A from the author’s latest novel, “The Candy House.”

Isabel Cañas

‘The Hacienda’ Review: A Multi-layered and Powerful Debut

Cañas delivers a chilling and compelling story that melds a childhood fear of the dark with the impacts of colonialism and Catholicism in Mexico after the War of Independence.

"Bomb Shelter" cover.

‘Bomb Shelter’ Review: Mary Laura Philpott Balances Life, Death, Humor, and Trauma in New Essay Novel

By letting her humorous personality and honesty drive the narrative, Mary Laura Philpott honors her trauma, anxiety, grief, fears, and, most importantly, her hopes and inspires the reader to do the same.

'Bless the Daughter Raised by a Voice in Her Head' Cover

‘Bless the Daughter Raised by a Voice in Her Head’ Review: Warsan Shire Moves Out of Pop Culture’s Shadow

Shire boldly weaves together a narrative of what it means to be displaced, disconnected from home, and incredibly vulnerable.

Basque-English dictionary

The Words We Lose: The Merits and Disadvantages of Reading Translated Literature

Translating a text from one language to another is doubtless a difficult undertaking for myriad reasons, but the reality of an untranslatable word or phrase presents perhaps the most thought-provoking dilemma for translators and linguists everywhere.

Image of Carmen Maria Machado

Carmen Maria Machado’s Reading Dives Into the Queer, the Sexy, and the Apocalyptic

Within the dystopian world of “A Bright and Fearful Star” — told in the confines of Barker’s austere Plimpton room — were tales rich with queer intimacy and raw desire.

A open book on a wooden table.

The Best Spring Reads for All Occasions

Spring has sprung! In Boston, it’s more like a second winter, but whether you prefer rainy grays or budding blooms, The Crimson has the best book recommendations for all your spring reading needs.

"Checkout 19" cover.

‘Checkout 19’ Review: Why We Need Stories to Live

Part autofiction of a young writer, part philosophical encounter with humanity’s inherent and misconstrued darkness, and part subtle but raging feminist outcry, “Checkout 19” is nothing short of astounding.

Tracy Deonn Headshot

Artist Profile: Tracy Deonn on Fear, Grief, and Storytelling

"I was a writer when I started writing and then when I decided I enjoyed writing and then when I decided I would write again. That's all you need.”

Angela Duckworth Photo

Harvard Authors Spotlight: Angela Duckworth

Duckworth brings a lightness and a level of creativity to goal setting, ultimately inspiring more dreamers to do.

Sally Thames Photo

Artist Profile: Sally Thames on Reading, BookTube, and Content Creation

Viewing reading as a form of self-care as opposed to just another thing to check off a list can make it feel more enjoyable and less like a hassle.

"Juniper & Thorn" Cover

‘Juniper & Thorn’ Review: A Fairytale with Teeth

“Juniper & Thorn” is a fairytale, but not in the way that Disney has led one to expect. Instead, Reid’s novel expertly crafts a world of monsters and monstrous men to explore the consequences of patriarchy and trauma.

"Lapvona" Cover

‘Lapvona’ Review: Moshfegh Explores Religion and Greed Through a Medieval Village

“Lapvona” creates a deeply compelling world with relatable issues, which makes it well worth the read.