'The Planets' Retrospective Image

‘The Planets’ Retrospective: Holst’s Spectacular, Forward-Looking Journey Through Music, Space, and the Mind

Holst's brilliant suite offers intimate insight into a private man’s mind, a spellbinding journey through space, and an astounding view into the future.

'Simple Like 17' EP  Image

‘Simple Like 17’ Album Review: Sadie Jean’s Catchy Tunes from TikTok and the Teenage Years

“Simple Like 17” paints a detailed, personal portrait of teenage angst while displaying foundations of exciting sonic combinations to come.


So You Want to Listen to Movie Scores

Explore classic and fan-favorite original scores from the 1950s, '60s, '70s, and the more recent past.

'The Parting Glass' Cover Image

‘The Parting Glass’ Single Review: Boygenius’ Touching Goodbye (For Now)

The meaningful charitable tribute is a sacred goodbye, at least for now, for boygenius and the incredible year they have had together.

'Alma Mater' Bleachers Cover Image

‘Alma Mater’ Single Review: Bleachers’s Latest Dark and Disjointed Track

Bleachers’ latest song, “Alma Mater” featuring Lana Del Rey, isn’t a track for everyone, and it’s not trying to be.

Alex Winston Profile Image

Alex Winston: Finding Authenticity

Winston’s journey in finding herself and creating authentic and honest music has not been easy, but it has allowed her to grow into who she is today.


So You Want to Listen to K-indie

K-pop may be taking the world by storm, but K-indie deserves just as much love.

Chill Kill Artwork

‘Chill Kill’ Review: A Smothering in Red Velvet’s Talented Vocals and Rich Storytelling

“Chill Kill” is a dynamic album that features the depth of Red Velvet’s abilities as multidimensional artists who showcase their full Red Velvet capabilities.

'Amigos' Single Review Image

‘Amigos’ Single Review: Becky G & BIBI Seamlessly Blend Cultures

“Amigos” serves as a celebration of the world’s diversity and showcases the possibilities when artists from around the world come together.

Richie Quake Artist Profile Photo 1

Artist Profile: Richie Quake on Imperfection and Music’s New Generation

Richie Quake is his own muse. The Brooklyn-based indie-rock artist wears two hats, as both a producer and songwriter.

'Fruitcake' EP Review Image

‘Fruitcake’ Review: Sabrina Carpenter Takes A Creative Bite of Christmas

Featuring five songs in under 16 mins, “Fruitcake” is a very bite-sized but worthy holiday album.

A Prophecy Artwork

‘A PROPHECY’ Review: Babebee Throws Musical Conventions Out The Window

Babebee’s “A Prophecy” is a significant and fresh contribution to the music scene thanks to its experimental nature and imaginative blend of genres.

'exes' Single Review Image

‘exes’ Review: Tate McRae’s Latest Single is Fun But Forgettable

The lack of innovation and substance throughout the song makes it forgettable, and sets an underwhelming forecast for future drops.

Isa Peña Profile Photo

Artist Profile: Isa Peña ’23-’24 Talks A Cappella, ‘American Idol,’ and Entertainment Law

At the end of the day, she said, “What I want to do is just protect artists and make sure that the things that they make are their own.”

Orange Blood  Artwork

‘Orange Blood’ Review: No Longer ‘Monster Rookies,’ Enhypen Settle into Veteran Idol Status

Across the board “Orange Blood”’s greatest failure is a disappointing lack of lyrical or emotional depth behind each song.