"Introducing Johnny Pacheco"

Remembering Johnny Pacheco: Fania Forever

It is impossible to describe how it feels having two tracks of claves or trumpets or piano lines play on top of each other, pulling your hips spry in one direction and sending your head up to cry when the polyphony snatches any instinct out from under you. Anything you think you know is dust in the face of the music.

"TYRON" cover

"TYRON” review: slowthai Brings the Fury and Heart

With his latest two disc project, “TYRON,” slowthai attempts to move forward, channeling equal amounts of rage and vulnerability in an impressive — and mostly successful — showcase of emotional and musical growth.

"Future Nostalgia (The Moonlight Edition)" Cover Art

‘Future Nostalgia (The Moonlight Edition)’ Review: A Retro-Pop Escape From a Chaotic New Year

Listeners will surely appreciate how “The Moonlight Edition” incorporates a variety of different musical styles and speaks to Dua Lipa’s growth as an artist.

"Santa Barbara" Cover Art

“Santa Barbara” Review: Fat Ray Puts Bruiser Brigade Records on the Map

With his new project “Santa Barbara,” Fat Ray puts himself and the independent Bruiser Brigade Records on the map.

"Favor" Cover Art

‘Favor’ Review: Julien Baker Contends with Companionship

With “Favor,” the final single preceding the release of her album “Little Oblivions,” Julien Baker reminds listeners that feeling lonely doesn’t require being alone.

"Friday (Remix)" Cover Art

‘Friday (Remix)’ Review: A Chaotic Hyperpop Meme Revival for 2021

The new version of "Friday" turns the original bubblegum pop song upside down to create the ideal glorious and chaotic hyperpop meme for 2021.

Cover of "If It Bleeds It Can Be Killed"

‘If It Bleeds It Can Be Killed’ Review: Conway the Machine and Big Ghost LTD. Deliver a Knockout Punch

On “If It Bleeds It Can Be Killed,” his second full length collaboration with producer Big Ghost LTD., Buffalo rapper and founding member of Griselda Records Conway the Machine continues to carry the torch of classic, throwback rap into the modern era.

Vampire Weekend "40:42" Cover

‘40:42’ Review: Sam Gendel and Goose Cover Vampire Weekend

When the New York-based indie rockers commissioned two covers of the “Father of the Bride” co-lead single “2021” from saxophonist Sam Gendel and jam band Goose, their only requirement was that each one last exactly 20 minutes and 21 seconds.

Caroline King "Tapestry" cover

‘Tapestry’ at 50: Carole King’s Roadmap Homeward

Let the piano tell it. That instrument, invented circa 1700, lasted two hundred and seventy-one years until Carole King came along to sit there and flip it around just so.

Ayoni Photo

Ayoni Discusses Transcendent Musical Explorations of The Self

In her conscious construction of sound and image as an artist, Ayoni finds a balance between creative freedom and the responsibilities inherent to storytelling.

"The Songs I Sing When No One Is Listening" Cover Art

Harmony Byrne’s Aesthetics of Honesty

For singer-songwriter Harmony Byrne, art is an expression of truth: It should be crafted, but never cultivated.

Jon Batiste in "I NEED YOU"

‘I NEED YOU’ Review: Jon Batiste Brings Radical Joy to the Moment

Still, that hasn’t been able to stop Jon Batiste, whose soulful, synergistic energy is matched by few other artists; it has actually invigorated him to push forward.

Office for the Arts

Choreographer, Musician Speak to Harvard Students about Art in ‘Our Moment’

Two pioneering artists spoke on their work, the symbiosis of art and social justice, and creativity amid the coronavirus pandemic at a virtual event hosted by Harvard’s Office for the Arts Wednesday.

"Look at the Sky" Cover Art

‘Look at the Sky’ Review: Porter Robinson Finds Strength in the Future

With bittersweet lyrics and uplifting production, the fourth single from Robinson’s sophomore album delivers a hopeful message for fans.

Cover image for "F.U.C.K."

‘F.U.C.K.’ Review: Victoria Monét Wants a ‘Friend U Can Keep’

From “Ass Like That” to “Moment,” the genius behind many of Ariana Grande’s hits never fails to disappoint on her own tracks. “F.U.C.K” is a must for any sophisticated consumer of music.