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Stars on Ice Still
On Campus

Stars On Ice Review: Figure Skating Experts Dazzle in Boston

With a mix of both individual, pair, and group performances, the show was a theatrical spectacle of bright lights, mash-ups of hit songs, and mystifying on-ice stunts.

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent

‘The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent’ Review: A Love Letter to Nicolas Cage Superfans

From the film’s opening shot, in which a couple watches a Nick Cage movie and comments on its brilliance, it is abundantly clear that the movie is going to lean heavily on its unique casting choice.

"The Kardashians" Still.

‘The Kardashians’ Review: New Show, Same Escapist Fun

Does provide a wholly new viewing experience? No — but “The Kardashians” provides a much-needed dose of slightly ridiculous, completely unrelatable, and genuinely fun escapist television.

"Severance" Still.

‘Severance’ Season One Review: Television’s Most Promising and Inventive New Show is a Must-Watch

This gripping science fiction thriller is one of television’s most ingenious, visually stunning, and well-rounded new series.

"Sweetest Pie" Cover Art

‘Sweetest Pie’ Review: Megan Thee Stallion and Dua Lipa Collaboration Falters

The pop anthem has its moments that are sure to please, but it ultimately suffers from generic, forgettable melodies.

'The Dropout' Still

‘The Dropout’ Premiere Review: Elizabeth Holmes Drama is a bit of a Bloody Mess

Like any story about scams of such a large magnitude, there is something intrinsically fascinating about untangling the web of lies that will keep viewers engaged regardless of the series’ cheesy moments.

"Future Nostalgia" Tour Cover Art

Dua Lipa Concert Review: An Irresistible Disco Pop Fantasy

Lipa’s Feb. 18 concert at TD Garden was a far cry from tired, with the artist delivering a dynamic, technicolor spectacle of artistry and escapist joy.

94th Oscars Frustrations Still

Oscars Snubs and Surprises: Kristen Stewart, Lady Gaga, Ruth Negga, and More

It is officially time to conduct a thorough Oscar nominations debrief in preparation for the ceremony on March 27 hosted by Regina Hall, Amy Schumer, and Wanda Sykes.


Please Don’t Judge Me: My Letterboxd Top Four Exposé

As any Letterboxd loyalist will tell you, there are few things as telling as someone’s top four films.

"Ozark" Still

‘Ozark’ Season Four, Part One Review: A Gift That Keeps On Giving

Few shows on television now (and possibly ever) have managed to improve exponentially over time — “Ozark” is one such show.

"see you later (ten years)" Cover Art

Artist Profile: Jenna Raine

Beyond providing ideas for new songs, Raine’s clever use of social media has also furthered her personal artistic goal of connecting with her supporters.

On Campus

‘Initiation: In Love Solidarity’ Uses Dance to Reclaim Power

Instead, it chose to emphasize a much more hopeful dimension of the African diaspora in a modern context: reclamation.

Marvel Stars on 'SNL'

Introducing Marvel’s Newest Venture: ‘Saturday Night Live’

Studio 8H, the legendary filming site of “Saturday Night Live,” will be the new home of Marvel fan favorites for two back-to-back weeks.

What We Do In The Shadows Season 1 Review Still 2

‘What We Do in The Shadows’ Mid-Season Review: TV’s Hidden Gem Soars to New Heights

Just as the first two seasons were masterclasses in niche, absurdist humor, the third season soars at every turn.

"Montero"  by Lil Nas X

‘MONTERO' Review: Lil Nas X’s Inspiring New Album is an Undeniable Delight

After spending recent years dealing with homophobic attacks, Lil Nas X finally takes back all the power society has stripped from him, a mission that is evident in the album’s meaningful lyrics, inventive sonic composition, and overall aesthetic.