"Stars at Noon" Still

From Cannes: ‘Stars at Noon’ is a Well-Acted Yet Muddled Thriller-Romance

Denis’s latest effort is commendable for its exciting pace and distinctively sultry mood, but the romance at the core of the film is not strong enough to fully draw audiences into the muddled world of its underwritten protagonists.

“Holy Spider" Still

From Cannes: ‘Holy Spider' is a Grim Depiction of Patriarchal Violence

With Amir-Ebrahimi bold and arresting performance at the foreground, Abassi’s film is an unflinchingly grim depiction of the toll of patriarchal violence.

"Don Juan" Still

From Cannes: ‘Don Juan’ Fails to Seduce With Its Reimagination of the Classic Tale

The film becomes alienatingly hard to watch as it devolves into a bizarre musical about an unlikeable man terrorizing women on the street.

“Three Thousand Years of Longing” Still

From Cannes: 'Three Thousand Years of Longing' Is 108 Minutes of Rollicking Entertainment Without A Clear Point

“Three Thousand Years” is one of the most highly-watchable films of the festival, sure to be a crowd-pleaser in theaters. But its palatability comes at a cost.

"Les Pires" Still

From Cannes: 'Les Pires' Examines the Ethical and Personal Sides of Filmmaking

Writer-directors Lise Akoka and Romane Gueret craft a self-aware film that features sensitive performances, a touching emotional arc, and compelling commentary on the social responsibilities of filmmakers.

"Syk Pike" Still

From Cannes: ‘Syk Pike’ is an Over-the-Top, Amusing Look at Narcissism

Though oftentimes over-the-top and surface level in its critique, “Syk Pike” is nevertheless a witty examination of narcissism, unabashedly holding up a mirror to humanity’s worst tendencies.

"Close" Still

From Cannes: ‘Close’ is a Heart-wrenching Portrayal of Boyhood Friendship

The film unravels into a complicated portrait of friendship and grief, illustrating with devastating poignancy how love and loss are inextricably linked.

"War Pony" Still

From Cannes: ‘War Pony’ Offers Engrossing, Vital Coming of Age Stories

The affecting drama is a triumph of communal filmmaking that highlights the perspectives of Native creatives, offering a fluid coming-of-age story that resists the narrative urge to insert artificial endings.

"Frère et Sœur" Still

From Cannes: 'Frère et Sœur’ Takes Sibling Rivalry to the Extreme

Arnaud Desplechin’s latest film begins by thrusting viewers right in the middle of a hostile, tragic confrontation and maintains approximately the same level of melodrama for the entirety of its runtime.

"Crimes of the Future" Still

From Cannes: 'Crimes of the Future' Falls Flat With Boring Visuals and Shallow Themes

On the cinematic screen, where audiences can experience only the visual echoes of pain, Cronenberg orchestrates grotesque injuries and shocking transformations in the service of art.

“Decision to Leave" Still

From Cannes: 'Decision To Leave'’s High-Stakes Mystery Romance Is A Lighting Strike of Longing

Does the blood spilled behind two people bind them together or doom them to unhappiness? Can two people conditioned by violent obsessions ever turn away from them, or have they been indelibly shaped?

"Triangle of Sadness" Still

From Cannes: 'Triangle of Sadness' Enthralls and Eviscerates With Its Vision of Poisonous Wealth

Beyond its portrayal of wealth, the film’s more specific critique of exploitative beauty culture feels unique for the contemporary cinematic landscape.

"Aftersun" Still

From Cannes: ‘Aftersun’ is a Gorgeous, if Oblique, Portrait of Nostalgia

Charlotte Well's feature film debut is a deeply felt examination of familial connection, with all of its joys and complications.

"Tirailleurs" Still

From Cannes: 'Tirailleurs' Depicts France’s Exploitation of Senegalese Conscripts In Fast-Paced, Tragic World War I Story

Though Mathieu Vadepied makes a meaningful commentary about French abuse against colonial subjects in the name of the war effort, his latest film certainly has its issues.

"Hunt" Still

From Cannes: “Hunt” Piles Twists Onto A Classic Spy-Movie Structure To Confusing Effect

The film offers an engaging portrait of the everyday dangers and bureaucratic infighting in an intelligence agency servicing the Korean military dictatorship, but eventually drags under the weight of its countless plot twists.