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Out of the Shadows and into Stardom

From injured baby groundhog to world-renowned meteorological superstar, kind of.

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Spring Forward… Forever? Massachusetts Considers Atlantic Standard Time

Recently, a commission established by the Mass. state legislature voted 9:1 to approve a report that weighs the benefits and drawbacks of DST. Their report recommends that Mass. switches to the Atlantic Standard Time zone, meaning that the state would effectively keep DST all-year round.

American Sign Language Table in Lowell
Student Life

Unheard: Deaf Culture and ASL at Harvard

“No one will speak up, and you don’t want to be that one person who speaks up, because it’s something that a lot of people with hearing loss are self-conscious about.” Many professors, she added, do not record their lectures or provide transcripts.

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Participants often describe struggles with racial identity, sexual orientation, and mental health—topics they usually wouldn’t discuss publicly online.

Protesting DeVos
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Twizzlers, Texts, and Betsy DeVos: the Making of a Protest

Demonstrators hoped to decry DeVos’s policies and highlight what they saw as Harvard’s complicity in legitimizing them—but they also wanted to “reclaim the narrative” of peaceful protest in the United States.

Reverend Walton
Front Photo Feature

‘Education Not Deportation’: Professors Under Arrest

“There weren’t a lot of question marks,” a professor says. “People knew what to expect.”

Diversity and Isolation

'Party of One': Diversity and Isolation in Harvard's Faculty

These stories provide a window into what it’s like to be an underrepresented minority professor at Harvard, an old and powerful institution that has openly struggled with faculty diversity in the past and present.

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Every Minute Counts: Fighting the Opioid Epidemic in Cambridge

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, over 33,000 people died from overdoses involving pain-relieving narcotics, known as opioids, in 2015. Of those, 1,751 were in Massachusetts.

Hear Her Harvard
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Visions of Feminism

While “Hear Her Harvard” was ostensibly all about women at Harvard, it raised questions about the legitimacy and inclusivity of the supporting organizations’ feminism.

Harvard Medical School Quadrangle
Harvard Medical School

​‘Not Just a Number’: Mental Health at Harvard Medical School

At the Medical School, problems with mental health are not unusual. In a March 2016 survey conducted by Medical School students, 20 percent of third-year respondents said they had experienced either suicidal or self-harming desires within the last two weeks. Third-year students face extra stressors: They begin clinical rotations, facing long shifts in a difficult environment.

Dr. Zhang's Pipettes

Late Nights, Chinese Takeout, and DNA Scissors: The Discovery of CRISPR

In science, timing is paramount. Credit for any discovery goes only to the group that publishes first.