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Crypto Scrut Cover

Dropping Out and Cashing In: The Rise of DAOHQ

Lucas Chu and Emmet Halm, Harvard drop-outs and founders of crypto startup DAOHQ, see themselves as part of a new vanguard of anti-institutional entrepreneurs. But have they really distanced themselves from the institutions they critique?

English and Rowing Introspection

Where the Body Meets the Mind

Then, the horizon glows a pale yellow just before it burns red, or maybe calms with orange and pink. The industrial architecture is first unveiled by a pale light, and the distance afforded to me, on the river, allows for the fleeting feeling that nothing is complicated and moments can just be appreciated as aesthetic experiences.

"Definition Please" Still

'Definition Please' Review: Honoring the Unanswered

The weather never seems to be remarkable, either. This contained, intimate focus is precisely the prowess of the film.

Advice for Josh

Advice to Josh: What is Love?

February is scary for a lot of reasons: three of Taylor Swift’s exes have their birthdays this month, The Boy Scouts of America was founded back in February 1910, and Valentine’s Day exists. Between wondering why hearts don’t look like anatomical hearts and how the Datamatch algorithm works, this amorous holiday can be a confusing time for many people, but for no one more so than our cherished, forever-freshman Josh. He needs FM’s help to get to the root of what this holiday is all about. We’ve asked some of our writers to help Josh answer the age-old question: What is love?

1985 Changes Brattle Theater
Around Town

Inconceivable! Brattle Screens Princess Bride this V-Day instead of Casablanca

Opera music plays as couples take their seats in Brattle Theater at 9:30 p.m. on Valentine’s Day. The screen — which is actually on a stage — rolls through classic film posters reminding viewers to shut off their phones, what to do in a medical emergency, etc. This place is a relic just like the films it shows, and as I sit down, I know I am about to watch a performance.

Unlearning Inquiry Image

A Story of Unlearning

People wanted to hear the story of a white, conservative, evangelical woman from the South publicly endorsing vaccines, especially in the wake of a global pandemic that could be put to rest if those millions of “crazy evangelicals” just got the vaccine. But this, I soon realize, is not the story that matters most — at least, not to Katherine.

The Scoop

The Podcast that Lived

“When we are open to reading a text as sacred, we are willing to learn from it, and not just about it."

Hindu Prayer Space
The Scoop

Prayer, Made Invisible

Tucked away among other typical basement amenities like the common room, laundry, and trash disposal lie the only two spaces dedicated solely to students of Muslim and Hindu faiths at Harvard College.