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Michael Irwig

Michael Irwig

Michael S. Irwig, an endocrinologist and associate professor at Harvard Medical School, serves as the Director of Transgender Medicine at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

Michael Irwig
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Across Boston, Gender-Affirming Care is Just What the Doctor Ordered

For now, gender-affirming health care is a small world. Throughout his career, Harvard Medical School associate professor Michael S. Irwig has pushed for hospital-wide and nationwide initiatives to educate more clinicians on gender-affirming care.

Steven Tringale
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A New Type of Health Insurance Along Route 128

Allies offers its members several perks, including $0 copays at virtual appointments and access to five specialist doctors within 72 hours of referral, at a relatively lower cost.

Seed Health 3
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Seeding a Probiotic Revolution

Regardless of how far Seed Health gets in its mission to reimagine human health and environmental systems through probiotics, Gyorgy Baffy is certain that biotech and supplement companies like it have set the course in motion for a field that’s only getting started. Baffy, who finished his medical training in Hungary in 1980, remembers a time before the concept of microbiota entered into clinical and scientific jargon. Now, he says, knowledge of the field is spreading.

Swati Goel 1

Fueled by Coconuts and Adrenaline, Swati Goel '25 Lives Her 'Biggest Dream' on Survivor

For Goel, the show has been a comfort since middle school — like “chicken soup,” she says. “It’s just the thing I would watch whenever I was upset or sad.” Auditioning for the show was a bucket-list item for her.

Vikram Patel

Simplify and Scale: Vikram Patel Reimagines Mental Health Care

Over at the Mental Health for All Lab at Harvard Medical School, researchers have devised a digital curriculum that distills meaningful psychological interventions into bite-sized lessons to give lay people the skills to make a difference.

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Haircuts in Harvard Yard

Aaron Kang’s Grays common room salon had the feeling of a meditation sound recording: the pitter-patter of the rain, the slice of scissor blades meeting, the hustle of students walking past the window.

Cambridge Public Library
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Cambridge Public Library Goes Fine-Free

As of Oct. 19, the Cambridge Public Library has begun piloting a program to abolish fees on most late return items, excluding those borrowed through an interlibrary loan.

Harvard Bedmaker Design

A Goose, a Janitor, and a Poem Walk into Harvard Yard

Abdy, born around 1650, served as a sweeper and bedmaker at Harvard from 1718 until his death in 1730 or 31, primarily in Stoughton Hall. It is not immediately clear why such a figure would be memorialized in this form, or by whom.