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Avi Loeb

Avi Loeb's Galileo Project Reaches for the Stars

There may be more Earth-like planets in the universe than grains of sand on all of Earth’s beaches combined, researchers predict. “The extraordinary claim is to say that we are special and unique,” Loeb says.

Psychedelics Scrut Graphic

At Harvard, Psychedelic Drugs' Tentative Renaissance

In the early 1960s, the Harvard Psilocybin Project made national headlines for its unethical research methods and controversial leader, psychologist Timothy F. Leary. Now, sixty years after Leary's departure, Harvard is again part of the conversation around the future of psychedelics. From research in the lab to conversations among the student body, psychedelics are making a tentative yet undeniable renaissance on campus — a renaissance conscious of Harvard’s checkered history with the substances, yet working to move beyond it.

Eliot House by Air

‘Don’t Test Chaos Theory on Us’: Harvard’s 1995 Switch to Housing Randomization, Revisited

Adams: artsy and queer. Eliot: preppy, blue-blooded schmoozers. Kirkland: jocks. Lowell: studiers. The Quad: Black and Hispanic students with an emphasis on activism. These were just some of the reputations that Harvard Houses had from the 1930s to 1995.

Asteroid spherule layer

Harvard Study Finds Ancient Asteroid Collisions Far More Common Than Previously Thought

Past asteroid collisions took place far more frequently than previously thought and influenced the timeline of Earth’s increase in atmospheric oxygen, according to a recent study by Harvard Earth and Planetary Sciences faculty.

The Scoop

Beijing Language and Culture University Contests Claims of Unfriendliness

"Beijing Language and Culture University contested the claim that its lack of friendliness led Harvard Beijing Academy to uproot and permanently move its program to Taipei, Taiwan, providing emails that seem to contradict the HBA director’s claims."

Paul Toner
City Politics

Longtime Cantabrigian Paul Toner Hopes to Build Consensus on Council

Paul F. Toner grew up hearing stories about how Cantabridgians rallied to take care of his family after his great-grandfather died, and saw it up close after his father passed away when he was 15.

Theodora Skeadas City Council
City Politics

Theo Skeadas ’12 Champions Local Business, Climate in Political Debut

Growing up, Theodora M. “Theo” Skeadas ’12 never thought she would run for public office.

Yuen Ler Chow

Can I Scan Your Face?

Privacy and other concerns exist around the new app FaceTag, which enables its users to scan fellow Harvard students’ faces and acquire their name and contact information, responding to the problem of face-name dissociation on campus.

Graduate School of Design
Graduate School of Design

Harvard Professor Jamaica Kincaid Lectures on Colonization, Land Use at Graduate School of Design

African and African American Studies professor and renowned novelist Jamaica Kincaid presented a lecture about colonization and land use to affiliates at the Harvard Graduate School of Design on Thursday.

Chongai HBA
The Scoop

Harvard Beijing Academy’s Move to Taipei

From singing Chinese pop songs to playing Mahjong to visiting the Great Wall, students in the Harvard Beijing Academy summer study abroad program have ample opportunity to explore Beijing while improving their Chinese. While these immersive experiences will continue, the program will move from Beijing Language and Culture University in Beijing, China to National Taiwan University in Taipei, Taiwan starting the summer of 2022.