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Eliot House Graduation

For First Time in Three Years, Residential Houses Hold In-Person Festivities for Graduating Seniors

Harvard's twelve undergraduate houses held in-person ceremonies celebrating their graduating students for the first time in three years, reviving old traditions and hosting events for seniors.

Child Care Centers

‘A Systemic Breakdown’: Pandemic Child Care Closures Leave Faculty, Grad Students, and Postdocs with Few Options

Student, postdoc, and faculty parents risk financial strain and career setbacks to participate in Harvard’s child care offerings, they say.

Harvard Business School Case Study Method
Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School Receives $5 Million Donation to Establish New Sports Management Fund

The Harvard Business School received a $5 million donation to create programming and provide financial support for students interested in sports management careers.

Widener Security Station
Central Administration

NLRB Rejects Petition Seeking to Decertify Harvard Security Guards’ Union, Prompting Appeal

The National Labor Relations Board denied a petition seeking to decertify the union representing around 300 contracted security workers at the University, 32BJ Service Employees International Union.

Tang Harvard Yard
Graduate School of Design

Harvard is Home to 13,000 Workers. Some of Them are its Students, Too.

When he’s not working shifts as a custodian at Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Luis M. Toribio — a native Spanish speaker — takes classes on the weekends through Harvard to hone his English skills and practice pronunciation. Two years ago, he said, he struggled to communicate in English — but today, he proudly exclaims he can now do an entire interview in English.


Harvard Security Officer Files Petition Seeking to Decertify Union

A Harvard security worker filed a petition with the National Labor Relations Board this month seeking to decertify the union that represents around 300 contracted security workers at the University, 32BJ Service Employees International Union.

On Campus

Harvard Security Guards Narrowly Vote to Ratify Contract Offer from Securitas

After months of impasse, Harvard security guards voted last week to ratify a contract offer from Securitas, which employs around 300 contracted security workers who are stationed across the school.

Harvard Office of Labor and Employee Relations

Backed by Local Officials, Harvard Unions Revive Push to Merge

Two Harvard unions representing workers in the Harvard Art Museums and Campus Services revived their push for a merger, bolstered by a petition signed by 136 members and a statement of support from the Cambridge Mayor.

Comaroff Walkout

Comaroff Controversy Reignites Union Calls for Sexual Misconduct Recourse

Several Harvard faculty members gathered in a lecture hall last Friday — but not to teach a class. Rather, they were there to learn about graduate students’ calls for changes to Harvard's sexual harassment reporting process.

Human Flourishing 1
The Scoop

Learning to Flourish

This summer's Oxford Vivarium is part of the broader Human Flourishing Program at Harvard’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science. Established in 2016 by Tyler J. VanderWeele, the program aims to “study and promote human flourishing, and to develop systematic approaches to the synthesis of knowledge across disciplines.”

Folk and Myth 150

Into the Bronysphere — An Academic Take on Social Media

FM150 aims to explore “the powers, potentials, and peculiarities of online storytelling in relationship to community-building, political engagement, social change, and everyday negotiations of individual and group identity”. Course readings include an Atlantic article about the cottagecore trend and a book titled “Memes in Digital Culture.”

Security Guard Protest

‘Still Here, Still Essential, and Still Fighting’: Harvard Security Guards Rally for New Contract

Dozens of Harvard security guards stood posted at the Science and Engineering Complex and Widener Gate for hours last week, but they weren’t on duty. Rather, they were there to engage and educate undergraduates in their push for a new contract before Commencement in May.

Brattle Square Florist 1
The Scoop

At Brattle Square Florist, It's All About the Feelings

Loyal customers, hating to see the flower shop close, rushed to the phones and through the doors. “Phone calls were off the hook,” says Zedros. “It was like Valentine’s Day volume, phone calls coming in from people wishing us well.”


Harvard Graduate Student Union Elects New Leadership

Harvard’s graduate student union elected a new executive board last week, replacing a leadership team that guided the group through two contentious years of contract negotiations.

Snow 3
College Life

Snowstorm Buries Campus in Over a Foot of Icy Fun

This weekend’s nor'easter buried Cambridge in 14 inches of snow, blanketing campus and offering students their first snowy day of 2022 — and for some students, their first snowstorm ever.