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Gay Testifies
Central Administration

Five Takeaways from Harvard President Claudine Gay’s Testimony Before Congress

Harvard President Claudine Gay took the hot seat Tuesday and was grilled by lawmakers over her administration’s response to the Israel-Hamas war. Here are five takeaways from Gay’s testimony before the House Committee on Education and the Workforce.

Admissions Lawsuit

The Harvard Admissions Lawsuit Decision, Analyzed

Burroughs’s opinion contains fact-finding and legal arguments that will feature prominently in any appeals process — and could serve as a guide for future affirmative action cases. The Crimson analyzes the opinion’s key findings and conclusions.

Sanctions Analysis Graphic

Experts Say Sanctions Lawsuits Are Unlikely to be Immediately Dismissed

Lawyers for the University filed two motions to dismiss the suits — one in state and the other in federal court — Friday evening. But according to analysts, Harvard’s arguments are unlikely to convince the judges to throw out the cases right away.

Diversity Task Force Report Timeline

The Diversity Task Force Report, Analyzed

A University-wide diversity task force at Harvard released their final report to the public in late March. Here, The Crimson annotates the report's key recommendations.

Smith Steps Down

News Analysis: Smith’s Departure Follows Historical Trend

Over the past 70 years, four presidential transitions have brought a subsequent resignation from the FAS dean—the leader of Harvard’s flagship faculty.

The Thomas P. O'Neill Jr. Federal Building

Labor Experts Foresee Long, Difficult Path to Student Unionization

Harvard’s student unionization effort could come to an end at the hands of Republican appointees to the National Labor Relations Board, one of a number of ways experts say the years-long movement could stall.


School of Public Health Partners with Politico for Polling

For the first time, the School of Public Health is partnering with political news agency Politico this year to conduct national polls about health and domestic policy.

Students Rally Against Sexual Assault

Eight Key Takeaways from the Sexual Assault Prevention Report

Senior Crimson News writers parsed through the sexual assault prevention task force's final report to highlight eight key takeaways.

Title IX Town Hall
Front Feature

News Analysis: With New Position, Harvard Continues to Centralize Sexual Assault Resources

As Harvard grapples with the pernicious issue of sexual assault on campus, its efforts have echoed a greater institutional shift in recent decades. Instead of the so-called “Every Tub on Its Own Bottom” model, where every individual school operates mostly autonomously, Harvard has increasingly embraced a “One University” structure, locating resources in and crafting policies from its central administration.

Crimson-UC Crossfire Debate

The Back of the UC Ballot

If they garner enough support, questions that ask students to vote on measures that are far from actionable—even joke questions—can make it to the voting box.

Fox Club

‘Harvard Has Forced Our Hand,’ Fox Club Letter Says

The Fox’s thinking, detailed by its undergraduate leaders in a letter to club graduates courting their support, seems to have evolved over at least the last year but accelerated this fall.

Honor Code Panel

Honor Code Could Prompt Talk of Students’ Roles in Discipline

Administrators acknowledge that a question that logically follows the honor code’s introduction is whether Harvard will move to expand students’ role in disciplinary procedures later on.

Allston Campus Rendering

Details Still Uncertain, SEAS Delays Move to Allston

The School of Engineering and Applied Sciences has delayed its relocation to Allston to 2020, and details of which offices will move remain in flux.

Sexual Misconduct at Harvard and Other Schools

Admissions Officers Prepare for Questions on Sexual Assault

Since the results of a nationwide sexual conduct climate survey were released last Monday, the Admissions Office has been weighing the best way to discuss the survey’s findings with applicants and their parents.

Sexual Misconduct at Harvard and Other Schools

After Survey, Determined Faust Promises Conversation and Seeks Change

“We have a huge amount of work to do and we need to change this culture and these kinds of realities," University President Drew G. Faust told a packed lecture hall on Monday.