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Dean Doyle

SEAS Dean Urges ‘Respect’ In Divestment Debates

Amid disagreement over divestment from fossil fuels among professors at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, SEAS Dean Francis J. Doyle III urged both sides to respect each other in an interview Thursday.

SEAS Progress

SEAS Faculty Anticipate Growing Artificial Intelligence Offerings in Allston

In light of rising student interest in artificial intelligence, Computer Science faculty members at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences are looking toward SEAS’s upcoming expansion into Allston as a means of growing their program.

SEAS Progress
Student Groups

SEAS Students Conflicted About Allston Expansion

As the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences prepares to expand into the new Science and Engineering Complex in Allston — which is slated to open in June 2020 — current and prospective SEAS concentrators are largely conflicted about the expansion.

Dean Doyle
On Campus

New SEAS Building Aims to Foster 'Serendipitous Collisions'

The School of Engineering and Applied Sciences’ new Science and Engineering Complex in Allston — which officially opens in June 2020 — will house several collaborative spaces designed to bring together students across the University, Dean of SEAS Francis J. Doyle III said in an interview Monday.

Allston Task Force Meeting

Harvard Administrators Share Updates on Campus Projects at Harvard-Allston Task Force Meeting

Allston residents and Harvard administrators met Monday night to discuss the state of current University projects on the Boston side of the Charles River — including the construction of the Enterprise Research Campus, which prompted heated discussion from audience members.

Robinson Hall

Responding to a ‘Crisis in the Humanities,’ Harvard History Dept. Rebrands

Most notably, this fall the department rolled out a new series of “foundations” courses geared toward freshmen and students outside the concentration, including those attempting to fulfill the General Education program’s new Social Sciences distributional requirement.

Milind Tambe

New Computer Science Professor Milind Tambe Aims for Social Impact

Milind Tambe has joined the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences’ Computer Science faculty as a tenured professor this fall and will head the Center for Research on Computation and Society at SEAS.


Harvard SEAS Releases Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Strategic Plan

Harvard’s SEAS released a five year strategic plan to address diversity, inclusion, and belonging in school in an email to faculty, staff, and students earlier this week.

Marianna Linz
Sciences Division

Marianna Linz Joins Environmental Science and Engineering

Marianna K. Linz ’11 has returned to Harvard this fall as an assistant professor of Environmental Science and Engineering at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and will serve as one of only two female faculty members in the field.

Industry and Academia Cropped

Bridging Industry and Academia

Across Harvard, countless professors boast tales of early forays into the private sector that have, in turn, informed their teaching and research.

Barker Center

Harvard’s Committee Concentrations Stand In Between Departments

Nine of Harvard’s 50 concentrations are committees, which often struggle with limited resources.

Computer Science

Harvard Embedded EthiCS Program Receives $150,000 Grant

Embedded EthiCS — an interdisciplinary initiative between the Computer Science and Philosophy departments — will receive a $150,000 grant after being named a winner in the 2019 Responsible Computer Science Challenge last week.

Underrepresented Minority Faculty in the Sciences

‘Alarmingly Low’: FAS Sciences Struggles to Increase Proportion of Underrepresented Minority Faculty

Though much of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences has seen recent increases in the proportion of underrepresented minority tenure and tenure-track faculty, the Sciences division continues to lag behind.

Dean Francis J. Doyle III

SEAS Dean Doyle Moves 'Full Steam Ahead' In Face of Challenges

From his time at Santa Barbara as a professor, researcher, and director, to his time here at Harvard as dean, SEAS Dean Francis J. Doyle III’s colleagues have consistently praised his ability to prioritize students and mentorship while also balancing administrative commitments.

Student Groups

In Second Annual BRIDGE Week, Harvard SEAS Celebrates Diversity in STEM

BRIDGE Week originated as an effort by the leaders of three student organizations at SEAS to celebrate a SEAS alumnus who had contributed to engineering and advanced diversity in STEM.