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Postmates Menu Pride

This Pride Month, Postmates Wants You to Eat with Shame

Postmates, the food delivery app owned by Uber, announced "The Bottom-Friendly Menu" in 2022 Pride Month campaign. Though the project was conceptualized team of BGLTQ employees, it fails to scrutinize the terms we use for ourselves.

Harvard Yard Monasteries

Beach Chairs in Harvard Yard

In the summer of 2020, a few months after the start of the pandemic, something in the Yard shifted.

Williams illustration

The Rise and Fall of David Kane

The discovery of Kane’s involvement with the racist blog and the effect it had on students is indicative of the perils of allowing academic freedom to spill over into hate speech: On EphBlog, ‘Field’ would often make charts and graphs to legitimate his racist claims.

Barbara Varma Cover
Fifteen Most Interesting

Barbara A. Oedayrajsingh Varma

After finishing her workday, which actually consists of three jobs, all of which she completes from her apartment, Barbara A. Oedayrajsingh Varma goes on a walk through her neighborhood in the Shoreditch district of London.

Still from the Youtube video from The Weather Station's "Robber"

In New Single, The Weather Station Asks: What to Do About the Robber?

“Robber” is a stark departure for The Weather Station, something that sounds like a jazz bar and a disco club had a child and that child walked into the woods and stumbled on the occult.

Promotional still of Taylor Swift for "Folklore"

The Radical Empathy of Taylor Swift’s ‘Folklore’

“Folklore” feels like an admission about the limitations of providing one experience alone.

"Future Nostalgia" cover art

Falling in Love with Dua Lipa Again

I don’t know if I’ll fall in love this summer or who I’ll fall in love with and I have no idea what our world is going to be like, but, goddamn, I am in love with Dua Lipa right now.

Paul column Keith Haring

Purple Babies: Notes to Keith Haring

My baby Keith, even when you were purple, you acted like a baby. You left this world the same way you entered it: nonjudgmental, pure of mind, seeing the world with a simple, singular clarity.


Girl’s Shoes in Gay Pornography

Porn is nothing if not essentializing. In most scenes, these actors are merely the sexually submissive partner. In other scenes, though, scenes which script out and eroticize sexual violence, these actors are cast as victim.

Ian Spear Illustration

The Generic Glory of Gay Instagram

Glory, it seems, is pretty generic nowadays. But Ian Spear and Rex Woodbury, an Instafamous gay couple, are particularly good at glory.

Clothes Pile Graphic

Why We Don't Wear Harvard Gear

No one wanted to wear it. We threw it around the circle like we were playing a game of hot potato, chucking it from one person to the next, shrieking “You wear it!” “No, you wear it!” Everyone wanted to wear Olivia’s other sweatshirts, which were faded and looked vintage, or her fisherman sweaters. To wear the Harvard sweatshirt would mean being the odd one out.

Paul G. Sullivan reads The Harvard Crimson

Reading Pete

I want to root for the kind of person whose prose is occasionally sloppy, whose opinions aren’t just rigid but also rigorous and sometimes even risky, the type of person who doesn’t need to fall back on Yeats to understand the present day, or who fails to read “Ulysses” because they were doing something other than what was assigned for tomorrow’s class.

The Scoop

Federal Funding and the Question of Academic Freedom

After many organizations decried the First Amendment violations in the letter, last month, the Department of Education voted to renew funding for the Duke-UNC Consortium for Middle East Studies for the 2019-2020 academic year. Still, members of Harvard’s CMES are worried the letter will affect its own Middle East Studies programming under the Trump administration.


‘Shrill’ Depicts Female Millennial Life With Optimism and Cheer

Hulu’s new TV show “Shrill” takes a more bubbly approach to millennial life, and not always with much success.

cuz i love you still

‘Cuz I Love You’ Wastes Lizzo’s Magic

The album may be currently top of the iTunes chart, but this commercial success has nothing to do with Lizzo’s artistry and everything to do with industry peddling.