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Lenny & I

Lenny & I

Is your figure less than Greek? Is your mouth a little weak? When you open it to speak, are you smart? For FM's "Contemporary Romance" feature, ZLA reflects on the jazz standard.

Kirkland House Flyby Image

Whispers in the Walls: The Story of Kirkland's Hicks House

Now eerily quiet, the building was once punctuated by the voices of revolutionaries, scholars, artists, and monks.


Adams Drag Night

While scores of students enjoy Drag Night each year, many remain unaware of the history behind the event until they are told by others.

Student Athlete Protest

Reaching Across Harvard's 'Color Line'

Segregation in sports went largely unchallenged until the end of the 1920s. One of the first to call for change was William Clarence Matthews.

Job Search

FM Imagines: Celebrity Cover Letters

Budgetary strategy is one of my strong points. I know critics will say, “He blew a million dollars on private travel!” I beg you to think of it this way—it only cost me $1 million to charter those flights.

Valiant Gentlemen

‘Valiant Gentlemen’ Readable but Underdeveloped

Nothing in this book is daring enough or of a high enough quality to earn it the title of being “literary”—it is essentially a really long beach read.

On Campus

Strong Acting Makes Polaroid Stories Click

​“It ain’t about nothing else except getting out alive.” When Lethu A. Ntshinga ’18, as Zeus, growls these words late in the production of “Polaroid Stories,” it is easy to believe her.

On Campus

Love and Violence: ‘Stop Kiss’ Comes to Harvard

Director Casey J. Durant ’18 says it was important to find a script that was not only a political statement, but that also told an engaging and intellectually stimulating story.