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David Mitchell

Interview With David Mitchell, Author

On Sept. 18th, David Mitchell, acclaimed author of such works as “Cloud Atlas” and “The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet,” visited Cambridge to talk about his new book, “The Bone Clocks.” After more than an hour of book-signing and joking with fans, Fifteen Minutes sat down to a late-night dinner with the English author. .

Didn't we meet at Annenberg?

Didn't we meet at Annenberg?


Parents Weekends Throughout History

1819: Outside the Gates Mrs. Emerson: Oh son, I’ve missed you so! Have you decided? Law or Pre-Med? Ralph Waldo: Mother, I’ve decided to be a poet! Mrs. Emerson faints. Mr. Emerson glares at Ralph before carrying her back to their carriage.

College Administration

Dean Pfister has a Facebook Fan Page!

Interim Dean of the College Donald H. Pfister surprised students yesterday with another email in their inboxes—this time telling them that they looked like they could “Use A Cupcake”—and that same day, an anonymous samaritan publicly celebrated the dean’s quirkiness by creating a Facebook fan page in his honor.


Venn Diagram: Real Bulldogs vs. Yale Bulldogs

Both:Have the same chance of getting into Harvard

Fifteen Questions

15 Questions with Lester Brown

Lester Brown: "I’m often asked, am I an optimist or a pessimist? I like to think I’m a realist. We’re going to have to move very fast if we want to prevent climate change from spiraling out of control."


Venn Diagram: English Muffin and English Concentrator

Mix well with Smuckers Work better with coffee Well bread

A Little Levity



Venn Diagram: Freshman Fall vs. Senior Fall

Both: Worried about which house they’ll live in next year