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Renouncing the River Gods

Only 3 percent of Harvard students do it, but that’s only because the other 97 percent don’t even think of ...

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The Abstinence Mystique

From what I’ve deduced from TLR’s platform, there seems to be little room for gender non-conformity and even less room for choice.

24 Hours in Belgrade

BELGRADE, Serbia — 2:30pm: Outside Nikola Tesla Airport, cab drivers approach us in quick succession after I arrive with my

Eating In

OSNABRÜCK, Germany — I started cooking last year after I moved off-campus to live with my boyfriend, who has an

The View from the Passenger Seat

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – I grew up in Los Angeles, and I can't drive. I never thought that not having

The Boy Who Lived (With Me)

My roommate's father thinks I'm a lesbian. It is the only way he'd allow me to live with his son

Notes On Primal Harvard

EX-CRUCIATING As if seeing an ex-fling isn’t awkward enough, seeing him naked takes the cake—so I realized at Primal Scream

Suiting Up for Sex

I dated an investment banker this summer in Los Angeles, and it was the best and worst decision of my

'Knock'ing on Success's Door

Jess R. Burkle ’06 was working for a production in France last summer when he stumbled upon the inspiration for

Hey, Rivers Cuomo! What did you do for Valentine’s Day?

While HUDS served ribs, Rivers Cuomo ’99-’06 dished out love advice. The recently-engaged Weezer frontman sat down with FM over

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In Their Unnatural Habitat?

A. Benet Magnuson ’06 towers over his roommates by a head—and then some. One roommate lounges on the sofa in

Model Success

When the Wyclef Jean concert was cancelled this November, the campus was in an uproar. It was the second time

Woodbridge Hosts Alumni Panel

In an effort to foster closer relations with its alumni network, the Woodbridge Society of International Students held an alumni

Standing Tall (and Naked)

Baring it all used to be a routine part of orientation. Between the 1880s and the 1940s, the University required

Lawyer, Latino Leader Honored

Illinois’ first female attorney general and a leader of a Latino community service organization in New Haven, Conn. both received