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Volcanic Ash Allowing

The abandonment of fully-determined mathematical models that cannot deliver the certainty they promise and the consequent embrace of uncertainty may thus be, for economics as well as volcanic ash predictions, a good new principle, but perhaps an even better new beginning.

Meeting Oneself by the Charles

In the spirit of imminent change that grips the world into which we graduate, I believe it fitting to start

‘Read About It In the Newspapers’

Barricaded in their rooms by police caution tape, students in Kirkland House did not know how to react in the

A Time to Spend

In the last year, Harvard has faced diverse and troubling news in the financial sphere. From President Drew G. Faust’s

Joining Euro(pe)

Anyone visiting Prague, Warsaw, or Budapest in recent weeks would have found beautiful old cities in a rather depressed mood.

Don't Buy American

First it was a “credit crunch,” then it was an “economic crisis,” and now a “global economic downturn.” But, with


Late in the evening of February 9, a landmark building in the Beijing skyline, the Television Cultural Center, was consumed

Voting Democracy Away

The vote came amidst a global economic downturn, as protectionism was on the rise everywhere and the masses feared for

That 50 Years Is Nothing

In one of the most famous tangos of all time, Carlos Gardel sang about “returning, with the withered forehead; the

Pirates of the Aden Gulf

The Western media’s focus on piracy off the Somali coast in the last few months has been light in tone

What to Expect...

Around the globe, people cheered the momentous election of Sen. Barack Obama as president of the United States—perhaps it was

Gone With the (Arctic) Wind

It was beautiful while it lasted: Impressive growth rates, speedy development, and a strong and diversified financial services industry put

The Axis of Guns and Oil

It seems old news to say the world has turned upside down: The flagship American financial services industry is in

The Bubble Doom

In the first chapter of his most celebrated work, Czech novelist Milan Kundera illustrates Nietzsche’s idea of “eternal return:” “There

The Uncertainty Principle

Bolivia has a navy. In and of itself, this may not seem noteworthy. But a map will reveal why it