{shortcode-3f4d1fba3cbaf356bf67bfeedf5437667ae5c370}What does the end of the semester have in store for you? Look no further. Since it’s fun to confidently spew nonsense that could also maybe (?) be true, here’s what the last weeks of classes will look like for the signs (based on absolutely nothing but astrology TikTok).


It’s Taurus season. Yay! In the upcoming weeks, you may feel more grounded, confident, and motivated. Good for you. You may even be feeling extra perfectionisty. So, turn in those last psets and get a head start on those final projects — everyone will be jealous of your stability.


Let’s face it, you’ve been grinding this entire year. Mix it up! Really enjoy the last few weeks of school and take this time to reconnect with yourself before you start your summer consulting job (get the bag, I guess?). And yes, working for 12 hours a day is too much.


Breathe in. Breathe out. You’re stressed. We get it. You took five classes this semester and now you’re paying the price. Just remember that you may be stressing out your friends too (just saying). Use this time to focus on strengthening your relationships. We can sense romance brewing (and no, a Lamont date does not count).


Enjoyed the parties last night, did you? You may be great at making the most of the last few weeks on campus, but maybe start your work? Just a suggestion. While finding motivation may be hard, start with smaller tasks (clean your room!) and then begin tackling the larger projects. Mars in Pisces will surely help you find motivation (Why, you ask… Absolutely no idea).


Even though Aries season has come to a close, don’t lose sight of what you’ve worked hard for. Be proactive in finishing your work and making end year plans. You may feel stressed or anxious, but instead of getting upset, just treat yourself (late self-birthday present!).


Firstly, get off TikTok. Working for ten minutes then scrolling on your phone is just not productive. Take some time for yourself — the stars say you may have an epiphany, followed by many strong emotions. Sit with them, before posting about it, at least. The movement of Mars indicates that an end-of-year fling is also in the air for you. Truly no one can study as glamorously and confidently as a Leo.


No, your most recent Sig Chi hookup will not turn into a real relationship by the end of the school year. Instead, focus on some self-care: listen to Harry Styles meditations, do a face mask, maybe even finally decide between your two summer plans options because you’ve been too indecisive to pick. We’ve heard pros and cons lists work pretty well.


Have you checked your finals schedule? If not, check. If so, check again. We don’t trust you. If anyone’s going to sleep through a test... We’re not saying it’s you, but it’s you. Even though you may not have your organization skills down, you certainly have the creativity and savviness. Plan some fun outings with your friends. Write the coolest, most out-of-the box paper your CS professor has ever seen. Take risks! Use this time to follow the money — interpret that however you want.


Spend the last few weeks doing what you do best: talk to that one section kid you’ve never spoken to before, reach out to your pset partner from last semester, and connect with your friends before everyone scatters for summer. You’ll have a great last hurrah! Just remember to take time to rest and recharge. And, as you wrap up your work, don’t let your energy scatter — make sure to prioritize what’s most important.


You may be finding yourself in an uneasy situation with one of your relationships. Sucks. However, as Pluto enters your sixth house in the upcoming weeks, you’ll be ready to confront the issue. Never settle and don’t hang onto something out of sentimental attachment. Yes, a horoscope as cryptic and mysterious as you.


Look forward to fun and friendships in the final weeks of school (just try not to think too much about all the work you have). You may be feeling sad about the end of the year. Transitions are never easy, and thinking about leaving campus might have you on the slippery slope to emotional wreck. Just know that… We don’t know, we’re sad about the year ending as well.


For the last few weeks, prioritize engaging in group activities while still setting healthy boundaries. A situation could arise that needs some investigation. Stay vigilant. You’re also probably feeling overwhelmed about the amount of work you have. Allow yourself to cry it out. Don’t feel too embarrassed.

If you read this and related — cool! If you read this and didn’t relate — juuuust you wait. Some say that astrology doesn’t mean anything, but seriously, have you ever met a Scorpio that didn’t self-sabotage?