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Harvard Today Sep 25, 2020

Love when profs go 20 min overtime! — Emily H. Nguyen, Staff Writer

In the News

Harvard Square Businesses Reckon with Fewer Customers on Campus

As Harvard welcomes back roughly 25 percent of its undergraduates to campus, local businesses in Harvard Square are struggling with the smaller customer base. Many businesses have had to adjust to not only the decrease in population, but also health and safety guidelines.

Citing ‘Recent Cases Among Student Athletes,’ University Asks Some Off-Campus Undergrads to Submit to COVID-19 Testing

HUHS has emailed a group of student athletes living off campus to ask them to report to University-run testing. The email has been sent to at least one member of the crew, sailing, and football teams, though no undergraduates have tested positive in the past week.


Flyby Interviews: Harvard Confessions Admins

Can you believe we got an interview with Harvard’s own real life Gossip Girl? Check out our interview with an admin of the Harvard Confessions page for the inside scoop.


Governor Cuomo Says New York Will Conduct Own Vaccine Review

With concerns that the approval process of new coronavirus vaccines will become politicized, New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo said the state will conduct its own review of vaccines authorized by the federal government. The announcement of this new panel comes after President Donald Trump questioned the FDA’s tighter regulations.

Google Maps Will Show How Bad Coronavirus is Near You

In a new color-coded update, the Google Maps app will show you how bad coronavirus is near users. Google hopes that this information will help users to determine where to go in their areas, and to avoid high-risk areas to slow the spread of the virus.

Senate Passes Resolution for Peaceful Power Transfer

After President Donald Trump refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses this fall’s election, the Senate unanimously passed a resolution to promote the peaceful transfer of power after an election. No Republicans attempted to block the resolution.