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Harvard Today Feb 26, 2021

The long weekend coming is the only thing keeping me going. —Sandra W. Mwangi, Staff Writer

In the News

Kennedy School Professor Who Designed Texas’s Energy Market Defends Skyrocketing Prices Following Winter Storm

After a winter storm earlier this month left Texas residents with power outages and exorbitant electricity bills, a Kennedy School professor who is credited for designing the state’s energy market system defended the system. The professor, William H. Hogan, told The Crimson in an interview Wednesday that the state’s electricity market “worked as designed.” 

Students for Fair Admissions Petitions SCOTUS To Take Up Suit Against Harvard’s Race-Conscious Admissions 

Though the district court judge ruled that Harvard does not discriminate against Asian-American applicants in 2019 and a pair of judges for the First Circuit affirmed that ruling in November 2020, Students for Fair Admissions have petitioned the United States Supreme Court to review that ruling. They hope to reverse the decision made by the lower courts.

HMS Genetics Anti-Racism Group Works to Inform Staff About Covid, Include Them in School Culture

Harvard Medical School Genetics Anti-Racism Group currently strives to improve communication regarding Covid-19 between the School and staff. Many of the custodians do not speak English, so it has been difficult for them to understand Covid-19 procedures. This group has organized educational initiatives in order to try to bridge the language gap. 


Flyby Laments: Border Cafe

Who knew that last spring would be the last time that we’d get to eat at Border Cafe? Home to good food, good vibes, and good memories, this is truly a sad one to say goodbye to. Flyby Laments will share this nostalgia with you!


U.S. Strikes Back in Syria

In response to recent rocket attacks against Americans in Iraq, the U.S. launched airstrikes in Syria targeting Iranian militia groups on Thursday. John Kirby, Pentagon press secretary, said the U.S. move was a “proportionate military response” to Shia militants’ attacks on Americans.

FDA Says Single-Shot Coronavirus Vaccine Is Safe

The Johnson & Johnson single-shot coronavirus vaccine has been deemed safe by the FDA and will be authorized in the U.S. possibly within days. Trial data shows that it has an 85 percent effective rate against serious illness. The company said it plans to deliver 20 million doses by late March.