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Harvard Today May 7, 2021

Last Harvard Today of the semester :( — Flyby Blog Staff Writers

In the News

Bacow Confident in Harvard’s ‘Process Improvements’ Following Domínguez Report

After an external report published that Harvard Government Professor Jorge I. Domínguez was repeatedly promoted despite having a record of sexual harassment, University President Lawrence S. Bacow has stated that Harvard is undergoing “process improvements.” Such improvements aim to create a centralized system with access to records that would help to avoid missing past recorded instances of harassment when undergoing leadership promotion processes.

Harvard Health Services Director Optimistic For 'Very Successful' Fall Return to Campus

Two weeks after all individuals 16 years and older were approved for the Covid-19 vaccine nationwide, Harvard announced that it would be mandating vaccinations for all students living in residence during the fall semester. Harvard University Health Services Director Giang T. Nguyen remains highly optimistic about life on campus this upcoming summer and fall, noting that Harvard is well-equipped to identify and act on any infections early on before a possible outbreak.

‘Crying Out for Help’: Harvard Affiliates on Pandemic Front Line Describe Mental Health Toll

Several Harvard affiliates working on the Covid-19 healthcare front line have spoken out about their experiences and mental health challenges over this past year. With some having to move out from their homes and families, and others working months without a day off, there has been enormous burnout and stress on these workers. In response to the effects of the pandemic on clinicians’ mental health, Harvard-affiliated hospitals have worked to implement several wellness resources for their workers.


Chaotic Ways to Spice Up Reading Period

Lost in the void of TikTok scrolling and semi-panicked half-studying? Not sure what day it is? You need some ~spice~ in your reading period. Don’t settle for another day of sort-of relaxing, sort-of studying — go fully unhinged (but, like, in a good way).

Flyby Loves: Our Seniors

Yeah, we’re emotional. Here’s a love letter to our favorite people. We’ll miss you, flelders.


Europe’s Accelerating Vaccine Campaign

Following months of supply shortages, Europe is finally catching up to the U.S. with its vaccine supply. Experts predict that supply levels will match that of the U.S. by July, spurring hopes for a steady return to normal in the coming months.

Florida and Texas Press Voting Limits

The states of Florida and Texas have pushed highly restrictive voting laws, with Texas becoming the most difficult state to cast a ballot. Between them, these states share 70 electoral votes and are key Republican battlegrounds of the nation. 

Police Operation in Rio de Janeiro Leaves at Least 25 Dead

A police operation in Rio de Janeiro has left at least 25 individuals dead and has been named one of the deadliest operations in the city’s history. The operation targeted drug dealers following a shooting in the district known as Comando Vermelho.