{shortcode-eaff2df7f3d9f09eed7d12e5b097e0ce030b2146}Disclaimer: “Entire personality” may be a stretch. You may not sue The Crimson if you feel attacked by this list.

It’s everybody’s favorite time of year: it’s socially acceptable to wear whatever you want in public, you’re encouraged to eat your body weight in candy, and there’s something scarier than any midterms or finals coming up in the air. That’s right. It’s Halloween. And since we can be anything, read on to discover what your choice of costume says about you.

Elaborate Group Costume

Maybe you and your blockmates just bought Squid Game tracksuits two weeks ago. Or maybe you’re going for something more established, like some assorted Avengers. Maybe you think you can turn the tides of pop culture by calling back to Among Us. No matter your reasoning, if you have a ton of people involved, you’re either desperate to make sure everybody gets your costume, too lazy to come up with individualized ones, or you’ve realized that sometimes, you need a group to truly bring the costume to life. It wouldn’t really be Squid Game if there was only one player, right? Perhaps I’ve said too much.

Something Bought/Made Months Ago

You’re definitely the kind of person who would plan their schedule around Monstober, the Disney Channel extravaganza. You’ve probably memorized at least three Halloween movies word for word and maybe even participated in costume contests in high school. In February, you start counting down the days to Halloween via your Instagram story. Other people might love Halloween, but you live it.

Animal Onesie

Others might find these lazy. Others might find them impractical or even lacking in creativity. You know the truth: they’re comfortable as heck. You won’t be able to hear the sound of your haters with your hood up. While they freeze the moment they step outside, you’ll be enjoying the soft fur of your onesie. You can probably even sleep in them! Author’s note: Please change after you get back.

Something Else Without a Pop Culture Reference

Maybe you’re going as a princess. Not anything from Disney, just a princess. Or maybe you’re going back to basics as a mummy or a witch. Either way, it’s not too hard to characterize you. You really couldn’t come up with a costume that has at least a little bit of relevance? You only get a pass if you’re matching with one of your little siblings brought from home. They have the excuse of not recognizing anything from the movies or Netflix. You, on the other hand, have some catching up to do.

Last Minute

So you decided to put on a baseball cap and declare that you’re Joe Goldberg. Or you had the brilliant idea of doing a little something something with your hair and going as X celebrity or politician. While others may see right through you, I know who you really are. Either you’re the most indecisive person in the world or you were only convinced to go to that Halloween party because you heard your Sleep section crush was going to be there. Just saying, people like folks who put more thought into their costumes. Some advice if you ever do shoot your shot.

No Costume

You’re either a pre-med with an Orgo midterm on Monday or someone who doesn’t like to have fun. Either way, there’s not much I can do to help you. Good luck!

And with the rest of Flyby, I would like to wish you a spooky and eventful Halloween, especially if the real scary stuff (aka your midterms) is already behind you!