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Sleeping Bulldog

Flyby Tries: Masquerading as a Y*le Student

Why just *attend* The Game at Yale, when you can BECOME Yale? If you're looking to spice up your latest trip to New Haven, try masquerading as everyone's (least) favorite bulldogs. You might get booed by every other Harvard student, but it'll be worth it for the ~ruse~.

Flyby Appreciates: HUDS Graphic

Flyby Appreciates the Heck Out of HUDS Workers, and You Should Too

We're back in full swing, and HUDS staff have been truly been our rock throughout it all. Just as we've been adapting to unique new circumstances, they have too! In case you needed more convincing, here are some of our favorite things about HUDS.

fortune teller
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Let Us Know Your Halloween Costume and We’ll Guess Your Personality

It’s everybody’s favorite time of year: it’s socially acceptable to wear whatever you want in public, you’re encouraged to eat your body weight in candy, and there’s something scarier than any midterms or finals coming up in the air. That’s right. It’s Halloween. And since we can be anything, read on to discover what your choice of costume says about you.


House Mascots Ranked by Eco-Friendliness

While Housing Day is still (unfortunately) a semester away, it is never too early to reignite the House pride that all us upperclassmen have and that first-years will eventually be infected with. To help with that, we're blessing you with a ranking of house mascots based on the only criteria that matters: environmental impact. Because let’s be real, every House thinks it’s the best, so we needed to get a little bit objective here.

waiting on the bus
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Things to Do While Waiting For the Shuttle

As is the case in life, many things only happen in our dreams: finishing a pset before the day it’s due, a full eight hours of sleep, and the shuttle being there for you when you actually need it. Whether you’re going to class from the Quad or Mather, returning back home after a long day of walking, or trying to visit the new SEAS complex, the shuttle is always necessary and never on schedule. And since we’re busy students, it’s probably a good idea to be ~productive~ when spending those many hours waiting for it to arrive.

too tired for this
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My Fourth Roommate is the Roach We Killed

The new yard, which is composed of literal apartment complexes and former hotels, was created in order to house the record-breaking class of 2025, and man, does it seem like they’re getting compensated for something. Or maybe I am just salty that despite my relative seniority, I am in a double with one of my roommates.

NO WIFI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (rage)
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Harvard WiFi Only Had One Job and Yet...

Wifi's down and we have some feelings about it. >:-(

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Harvard Houses (Taylor's Version)

It’s been nearly two whole weeks since Taylor Swift released her re-recorded album, Fearless (Taylor’s Version), which means Swifties everywhere are bored out of their minds. To help with that, Flyby has created the only vibe chart you need. Who cares about which House you’re in when you could be a Taylor Swift album instead? Baby, just say yes! our picks ;)

l/h zoom

Love It / Hate It: Zoom Backgrounds

We've all become waaaaay too familiar with Zoom over the past year. Would you rather get a funky with technology, or keep things straight-up? Let us know!

ts alignment
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ts alignment

virtual visitas crystal ball
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Plan Your Virtual Visitas and We'll Predict Your Harvard Future

Wondering what vibes your Virtual Visitas habits give off? Hoping to get a sense for what your life will actually be like at Harvard? Check out this quiz and let our writer completely psychoanalyze all of your decisions! (jk, we promise it's not that deep)

Blue Hell

Hi, I’d like to join your LinkedIn network.

Whether you’re the person that reads everyone’s LinkedIn updates (who needs Instagram, amiright?) or forgets to accept your ever-increasing number of connection requests, here’s a field guide to the different kinds of people you’ll meet on LinkedIn as you get on your #networking #grind.

Dunster RView 2021

Dunster House

Welcome to Dunster House, a House with the perfect balance of timeless Harvard style and freshly renovated amenities.

p sure this is the oatly gif

Love Story: Oatly Edition

Who knew low erucic acid rapeseed oil could taste so good when combined with water and oats? I even woke up early for breakfast just to get more of you, and I have a 9 a.m. Every. Single. Day.

Target Shopping
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Flyby’s Back to School Shopping List

Now that we're a few weeks into the semester, you may have realized you're missing some dorm room necessities. Have no fear! Flyby is here with your latest back to school shopping list for that next Porter Square Target run.