If you’ve ever succumbed to taking a cab to go home after a late-night party at the Pfoho Belltower or to get to Logan Airport for that last-minute flight, this survey is for you.

The Cambridge License Commission is conducting a survey to "determine why customers do or do not choose to use Cambridge taxi cabs." The Commission hopes that these responses will help make “the industry more consumer-friendly and competitive.”

Unfortunately, none of the answers to the multiple-choice question “Why do you usually take a taxi cab in the City of Cambridge?” include options such as “too drunk to find a shuttle” or “embarrassed to be seen during the walk of shame.” That said, the survey does offer an “Other” option for those who wish to contribute what perhaps may be a more personalized response.

The Commission is trying to figure out why people use cabs so that Cambridge can improve the industry. So if you use taxis every weekend, use them only for those nights when you’ve had a bit too much to drink and you’re stuck at MIT after the T has stopped running, or never use cabs and adhere to a strict regimen of biking and rollerblading for transport, you’d be doing your city a favor by filling it out.

Photo by Kane Hsieh/The Harvard Crimson.