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Dating Apps? Nah, Datamatch

Are you looking for a new friend or something more *wink wink*? Well have no fear, Datamatch is here!


‘The Recruit’ Review: Confusion, Captivation, and Centineo

Any viewer in search of adrenaline, drama, or suspense is sure to enjoy “The Recruit”’s whirlwind, adrenaline-filled story.

"Pepsi, Where's My Jet?" Still

‘Pepsi, Where's My Jet?’ Review: A Tale of Advertising and Ambition

“Pepsi, Where’s My Jet?” shows Pepsi and advertising in a unique light, while providing some interesting personalities on screen — a true lesson to companies to be careful with what they promise customers, even if they want to sell more of their product.


‘From Scratch’ Review: A Love Story in Flames

For any viewer looking for a show to build their hopes up then destroy them in the best way possible, “From Scratch” is the perfect choice.


‘The Playlist’ Review: A Real Look into Spotify’s Climb to Fame

Regardless of the information overload compiled in this series, “The Playlist” is nevertheless an exciting watch that provides fascinating insight into the hidden secrets of Spotify’s creation.

no study spaces
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Dear Harvard: Why Is There Nowhere to Study On Your 5,000 Acre Campus?

Are you tired of there being no study spaces on campus? Read this flyby rant that will validate your feelings and put them into words!

no intro necessary
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A Serious Guide to Answering the Dreaded Icebreaker Question

With the start of the semester, the socially awkward, dreaded icebreaker questions are back. Here’s how to think of the perfect fun fact about yourself to get strangers to actually remember your name.

Mathilde Heckler Single Cover Image

Artist Profile: Matilde Heckler on Stepping Outside Genre

Heckler calls her genre “Hot Girl Emo.” “It's a little feminist, It's a little funky, and unlike anything you've ever heard,” the singer said. “All tie it up with a little bow led by electric violin.”

River Charles Ensemble Still
On Campus

The Small But Mighty: The River Charles Ensemble Takes the Stage

Despite consisting of only eight Harvard college students, the River Charles Ensemble’s  powerful instrumental melody reverberated throughout the entirety of Paine Hall on April 16 as they celebrated their 10-year anniversary with a spring concert.

Ice Cream image

Food Guide: Harvard Square Ice Cream Shops

With plenty of ice cream shops in Harvard Square, which is the best one to go to?

Spring has Sprung
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Love it/Hate it: Spring

Walking through the Yard these days makes me happy. Long gone are the days when it would already be dark when I walked into my 4:30 p.m. section in Emerson. Now, as I leave class at 5:30 p.m, I am greeted by music playing from speakers or guitars, a game of frisbee, and the most adorable dogs in Cambridge running in front of me. Spring makes me want to be more efficient in my work and appreciate these simpler pleasures.

"The Milk Made" dress rehearsal

‘The Milk Made’ Review: A Musical That Does Not Milk Clichés

All in all, the light-heartedness steals the spotlight at the expense of the story. The music, however, consistently shines.

'Glory' Cover

‘Glory’ Review: Finding Meaning Within Satire

Through elements adopted from the real world, Bulawayo encourages readers to be more aware of the societal power structures that govern their own lives.

Lowell ext2 2021

Lowell House

Lowell House: a newly renovated, semi-Pagan utopia with two beautiful courtyards and a bell that residents swear doesn’t actually wake you up. Want to search for the hidden laundry room under the opera hall, listen to one of your friends give a speech during dinner, and pet five dogs all in one day? If the answer is yes, Lowell might just be your new Harvard home.

jan's grab n go brain break
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Love It or Hate It: Grab N Go Dining

Losing your argument about Grab N Go dining to your roommate who’s on the debate team? Still trying to choose a side? Then check out these two perspectives on the dining situation and use our stellar reasoning skills to absolutely demolish your roommate’s argument.