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We're Really Not That Nice

Finally, one of them broke the heavy silence and asked me, in all seriousness, “Do you not have racism in Canada?”


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Welcome to the Club

How could I have felt complimented when I knew I was being denigrated? As the entire ethnicity group to which I belonged was being effectively erased, how could I have felt, however briefly, seen?


Vision: "both and"

KNR sets out to explore the tension of “existing both within and beyond the projection of Otherness" through self-portraiture.

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The Man Behind Safe Walks, Street Riders and a Hit Alicia Keys Remix

Peter W. Kerre is a well-known DJ, activist, community organizer, cybersecurity expert, and student at the Harvard Extension School who this summer led over 10,000 bike-riders on a BLM protest through the streets of New York City.