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Portrait of Micah Write and Smokeintheye

Artist Profile: Micah Write and Smokeintheye are a Hip-Hop Dynamic Duo

Micah Write and Smokeintheye are paving their way to the forefront of Hip Hop with their unique sound and unwavering dedication to the craft.

V Don

Artist Profile: V Don Is an Architect of the Underground Revival

By staying true to his style and prioritizing organic connections with artists, V Don has become one of the most sought-after producers in the Northeast.

Tyron de Harlem

Artist Profile: Tyron de Harlem is Preserving Hip-Hop Through Storytelling

As a documentarian, Tyron continues to educate himself on new artists and stay informed on the ever-evolving hip-hop landscape.

Barry Rosenblum

Barry Rosenblum is Leading the Charge at Green Tea Studios

Rosenblum’s leadership at Green Tea Studios has been instrumental in its success as a premier recording facility in Los Angeles.

Sadhugold Profile Image

Artist Profile: Sadhugold is a Masked Master of Production

Sadhugold, an enigmatic rapper-producer based in Philadelphia, is one of the most sought-after beatmakers.

Spanish Ran Image

Artist Profile: Spanish Ran is a Bronx Producer With An Expert Ear

Spanish Ran has become a staple in the underground scene with his ear for up-and-coming talent and distinctive, throwback production style.

Eto Portrait

Artist Profile: Eto is A Torch Bearer of True Hip-Hop

Eto has steadily carved a niche for himself within the underground hip-hop scene over his two-decade-long career.

Chase Fetti Portrait

Artist Profile: Chase Fetti is a Rising Star from New Jersey

With an ear for vintage beats and a knack for raw lyricism, Chase Fetti has become a standout figure in the East Coast underground scene.

Feed The Family Portrait

Artist Profile: Feed The Family Is Bringing Hip-Hop Back to Boston

Rooted in their Boston origins, Feed the Family's influence within the East Coast underground continues to grow.

Isaac Pelayo Image

Artist Profile: Isaac Pelayo Is A Painter in Top Form

At 26 years old, Pelayo has already achieved more acclaim than some artists achieve in a lifetime.

AA Rashid Image

Artist Profile: AA Rashid is the Voice Behind Griselda's Spiritual Journey

A chance meeting with Griselda Records president Westside Gunn in 2014 on a megabus near Atlanta marked the beginning of their creative partnership.

Pro Dillinger Profile Image

Artist Profile: Pro Dillinger is A Leader of The Umbrella Collective

Pro Dillinger is an artist whose raw talent, dedication, and undeniable charisma have positioned him as a promising force.

Mickey Diamond Profile Image

Artist Profile: Detroit Rapper Mickey Diamond On His Recent Work with Big Ghost LTD

Detroit rapper Mickey Diamond has been making a name for himself with his signature deep-voiced delivery and gritty lyricism.

Estee Nack Profile Image

Artist Profile: Estee Nack is Massachusetts Rap at its Best

Lynn, Massachusetts-born rapper Estee Nack is the embodiment of authenticity in hip-hop.

Portrait of Knowledge The Pirate

Artist Profile: Knowledge The Pirate is Breathing Life Into New York Hip-Hop

Knowledge the Pirate's vintage sound is modernizing golden-age hip-hop for a new generation.