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YL portrait by Ramon ‘1000WORD$’ Lazo

Artist Profile: YL Represents NYC with Effortless Swag

Rapper YL is breathing life into the New York underground with his vintage fashion sense and effortless, throwback-inspired raps.


Artist Profile: Brooklyn Rapper Starker is a NYC Fashion Icon

Brooklyn rapper Starker has established himself as one of the most consistent and well-regarded names in the New York underground rap scene.

Stove God Cooks Portrait

Artist Profile: Stove God Cooks is Poised for the Limelight

Syracuse rapper Stove God Cooks is one of the most distinctive and exciting artists to emerge from the Northeast hip-hop underground in decades.

Ramon '1000WORD$' Lazo Image

Artist Profile: Ramon ‘1000WORD$’ Lazo Reflects On His Hip-Hop Journey

Ramon '1000WORD$' Lazo bought his first Polaroid camera on eBay for $25.

Invada Image

Artist Profile: Brockton Rapper Invada on Learning to Rap, Joining Van Buren Records

Invada is the newest member of Van Buren Records, a rap collective from Brockton that is making industry buzz with its independent structure and high energy posse-style bangers.

al.divino Image

Artist Profile: al.divino Speaks for Massachusetts and Real Hip-Hop

With an ear for noisy, deconstructed sample loops and signature gruff vocals, al.divino has developed a uniquely psychedelic strain of East Coast boom-bap.

Sam Buck image

Artist Profile: Comedian Sam Buck is Friends With Your Favorite Rapper

“I want to be undeniable,” Buck said. “In my comedy and my podcast and who I am, I want to prove that I am supposed to be doing this.”

Blazzy "Carter V" Shirt

Artist Profile: LA Streetwear Designer Blazzy on His Creative Journey

An uncanny ability to unite the worlds of pop culture, hip-hop, and fashion has made West Coast design powerhouse Blazzy one to watch.

Mani Draper "Communion" Still

Artist Profile: Oakland Rapper Mani Draper on His Latest Project ‘Communion’

The city of Oakland is as essential to Bay Area rapper Mani Draper’s existence as water is to fish.

"Show Me You Real" Cover Art

Chicago Rapper Donnie Dee Money on His Return to Music

The rapper shared that he decided to come back to music once he had rediscovered his self-confidence in his pen.


Toronto Band Babygirl on Songwriting, Industry Success

Since their 2016 debut, Babygirl has been hard at work, dropping a pair of EPs along with a plethora of singles.

Fat Ray

MC Fat Ray on Detroit Origins, Joining Danny Brown’s Bruiser Brigade

“The Bruiser Brigade is a collective of my brothers,” Fat Ray said. “We came together on common ground. We all love music, and we all love each other."

Luke Markinson

LA Pop Singer Luke Markinson on Hyperpop and Identity

It was the onset of the pandemic and the amount of free time that came with it that spurred Markinson to release his first single, “Never Alone,” in 2020.

Ryan Vanity Photo

Arts Vanity: My Favorite Drakeo the Ruler Songs: Long Live the LA Legend

Last November, I wrote about my Top 5 Drakeo songs in celebration of his release from prison. Here is an updated, unranked list of my favorite Drakeo songs in honor of the late West Coast legend. Rest in Peace. Long Live The Greatest.

Kevin Allen

Artist Profile: Kevin Allen on New Album ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’

Kevin Allen described his latest album “Nothing Lasts Forever” as a statement of his resolve to remain true to himself as an artist.