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Harvard Traditions
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Dear Freshmen: Virtual Traditions

Kind of like how nobody remembers hearing “Mr. Brightside” for the first time, Harvard students seem to just somehow know the three unofficial graduation requirements. Unfortunately, all three are kind of (read: definitely) not compatible with current on-campus restrictions/remote learning life. Read on for ways to check off the time-honored bucket list in a coronavirus world.

Large GenEd Course during Shopping Week
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Things About In-Person Harvard That We Don’t Miss at All

In attempt to practice gratitude (apparently it’s “good for you” and a “healthy coping mechanism”), here’s a list of #stressful things about the normal college experience that we don’t miss one bit.

Filling all your coffee needs
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Your BoardPlus Horoscope Will Predict How Your Semester Will Go

Forget enneagrams and zodiacs: the real window to your soul lies in your BoardPlus preference.

Beam 2

Pets of Harvard: Beam

Meet Beam, Adams House's favorite German Shepherd!

HY 7
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The Definitive Pros and Cons Breakdown of Harvard-Yale Housing Options

Assuming you actually find a way to New Haven (buses, Razor Scooters, Heelys, etc), it’s time to find a place to crash. Flyby is here to help!

Be There. Be Declared.
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So You Can't Pick a Concentration — Now What?

#SophomoreSzn is upon us, and here at Harvard, that can only mean one thing: a mild existential crisis about picking a concentration.

Rhino why I declared integrative bio
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Rhino why I declared integrative bio

It's a Rhino!

Why I Declared
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Why I Declared 2019: STEM

To get some perspective on concentration declaration, we asked Flyby sophomores why they declared.

SoWa Open Market

Burst the Bubble: 10/4-10/6

Whether you’ve been coasting in pre-midterm paradise, getting smacked down by a rough test, or just want somewhere fun to take your friends after Harvard v. Howard this weekend, we’ve got you covered!

HUDS Food Alignment Chart
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HUDS Food Alignment Chart

HUDS Food Alignment Chart

The Official HUDS Meal Alignment Chart

Flyby has released the official Harvard University Dining Services Meal Alignment Chart!

Bike Rack in Cambridge
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Quiz: What Kind of Campus Transport Are You?

There’s definitely a correlation between personality types and how you choose to get around campus. Check out our quiz and tell us if we got it right!

New Lowell from the Courtyard

Flyby Investigates: New Lowell House

Everyone knows that Boston has two seasons: construction and winter. Harvard is no exception. Lowell House is the latest in the effort to renovate undergraduate housing, so (naturally) Flyby had to get the scoop for you.

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Spotted at Harvard: Summer Edition

Campus life finds a consistent rhythm during the school year, but during the summer break, a whole new cast of characters shows up.

Cabot Science Library
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Harvard Safari: The 5 Students You'll See During Finals Period

Channel your inner Bear Grylls and see if you can spot all five types of students you can see during finals period