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Students Critique 'Guardian' Article On Harvard Politics

​National media outlets have spent months puzzling over the strong support on college campuses for Democratic presidential nominee and 74-year-old socialist Bernie Sanders, but at Harvard that dynamic has gone misunderstood.


Harvard Democrats Continue Rally for Candidates

Ahead of next week’s New York primaries, Harvard’s Democratic student groups hope to gain momentum as they continue to their phone bank efforts for upcoming primary states.

Gone But Not Done
City Politics

Cambridge City Councillor Runs for State Senate

​Cambridge City Councillor Leland Cheung announced plans last week to seek higher office in the Massachusetts Senate, the upper body of the Commonwealth’s legislature.

Berning Questions
Student Groups

Super Tuesday Solidifies Clinton, Trump Leads, Harvard Affiliates Say

Several Harvard professors said they believe the Democratic and Republican nominees are likely finalized following Super Tuesday: former Secretary of State Hillary R. Clinton and businessman Donald J. Trump.


Harvard Republicans ‘Mourning’ Bush As Trump Surges

Harvard Republicans report “mourning” Jeb Bush’s candidacy as businessman Donald J. Trump continues to dominate the Republican field after successive wins.

Berning Questions
Student Groups

Student Groups Hone Focus As Primaries Progress

Harvard student groups are continuing to focus their efforts in Massachusetts for their respective candidates prior to Saturday’s caucuses in Nevada and upcoming primary elections in South Carolina.


Former Times Editor Weighs in on 2016 Elections Coverage

​Jill E. Abramson ’76, the former executive editor of The New York Times and lecturer in the English department, lamented the lack of in-depth investigative reporting this election cycle.


Ahead of New Hampshire Primaries, Professors Predict Wins for Trump and Sanders

Professors stand firmly by polls' predictions for Tuesday's first-in-the-nation primary election in New Hampshire, a make-or-break moment for many presidential candidates.

Harvard Students for Bernie
Student Groups

Harvard Democrats Canvass in New Hampshire Ahead of Primary

More than 50 Harvard College Democrats braved the snow to join the fray—and occasional ornery residents—to canvass for their chosen candidate across the mom-and-pop shop lined streets of New Hampshire’s second-largest city.

Iowa Caucus Watch Party

Harvard Affiliates React to Iowa Caucus Results

Conservative and Democratic Harvard affiliates had mixed feelings following Monday night’s Iowa caucuses and the role they will play as the 2016 Presidential race unfurls.

Student Groups

Harvard Republicans Uneasy About Potential Trump Nomination

As Iowans head to caucus Monday for the first primary of the election cycle, some Harvard College Republicans are apprehensive about the prospect of Republican front-runner and businessman Donald J. Trump leading their party.

Larry Lessig

Back at the Law School, Lessig Reflects on Failed Campaign

Back on campus, Harvard Law School professor Lawrence Lessig said the campaign was a learning experience in the challenges affecting democracy in America. He said he sees businessman Donald J. Trump as the candidate with the best chance of enacting the campaign finance reforms he ran on.

Hey Professor: Laurence Tribe

Law Prof. Laurence Tribe Comments on Ted Cruz's Candidacy

The focus on Tribe stemmed from a widely-cited op-ed he penned in The Boston Globe earlier this month titled “Under Ted Cruz’s own logic, he’s ineligible for the White House.” In the article, Tribe calls into question Cruz’s consistency in interpreting the Constitution.

City Politics

Organization Looks to Support ‘Service Veterans’ Seeking Office

The non-partisan organization, New Politics, is guiding 13 candidates, at least five of whom have ties to Harvard, through elections for a wide range of political offices.


Harvard Researchers Link Neurotransmitter to Autism

Harvard researchers recently linked a symptom of autism with the malfunction of GABA signaling pathways, discovering the first proven connection between autism and a specific neurotransmitter in humans.