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The Housing Issue
The Scoop

Cambridge's Housing Crisis, Explained*

*Is “explainer journalism” obnoxious? Basically, we got a bunch of people who know way more about this topic than we do to explain it to us, so we can tell you about it.

HUCTW Protestor, Revisited
The Scoop

Unionized and Priced Out

Very few of Harvard’s unionized employees live right in the shadow of the university’s campus. Housing around the Square, like retail space, is at a premium. Even if a worker were to secure local housing, some say rental prices would be unsustainable even for the most frugal resident.

Super Bowl Celebrations
Flyby Blog

Super Bowl LII Drinking Game

Fiercely rooting for the Eagles or the Pats? Or just rooting for an excuse to get pleasantly blackout? We've got just the Super Bowl drinking game for you.

Q Guide Evaluation
Flyby Blog

The Most Savage Q-Guide Comments, Spring 2018

It’s easy to get swept up in the hype of shopping week and end up choosing classes that you’ll regret later in the semester. To help you, Flyby presents its third semesterly “Most Savage Q-Guide Comments” so you know what classes to avoid.

Suburban Suburbans
Flyby Blog

What Could the Presidential Search Committee Be Doing for 7 Hours in Suburbia?

The committee foiled us with tight security, and left just a few clues (what was up with that HAPPY BIRTHDAY balloon?). We can only speculate.

Faust at 2021 Convocation
Drew Faust

Faust Says Sanctions Decision Not a Threat to Presidential Power

Some said the Corporation’s vote strongly limits the next president’s authority to revise the sanctions if they wish, though Faust disagreed.

Lawrence Bacow
Drew Faust

Lawrence S. Bacow

In some ways, Bacow’s time in academic administration echoes that of Harvard’s current University President Drew G. Faust.

William F. Lee
Presidential Search

William F. Lee '72

Lee, the senior fellow of the Harvard Corporation and chair of the presidential selection committee, is one of only two searchers to have served on the body that selected current University President Drew G. Faust.

Faust at the Economic Club

Faust Calls Republican Tax Plan ‘Blow at the Strength of American Higher Education’

“It seems to us a blow at the strength of American higher education, the excellence of American higher education, and the competitiveness of American higher education."

Harvard Management Company

Entire Ivy League Outpaces Harvard Endowment in Fiscal Year 2017

​In a year when most institutional investors rode out robust public markets, Harvard’s 8.1 percent investment return for fiscal year 2017 placed it last among Ivy League endowments.

Harvard Management Company

Harvard Sheds Portfolio Assets in Fiscal Year 2017

Harvard's annual financial report indicates significant shifts in investment strategy in fiscal year 2017, including the jettisoning of billions in assets.

Silliman College

Yale Endowment Returns Top Harvard, But Trail Ivy Peers

Yale University—the Ivy League school known for consistently leading the pack in annual investment returns—returned 11.3 percent on its investments for fiscal year 2017.

Aakriti Prasai

Half the Battle: First-Generation Students at Harvard

First-generation students are navigating uncharted territory. As the first in their immediate families to pursue education at a four-year college or university, they have to surmount all the usual challenges of Harvard. But they face an additional hurdle: their parents can’t give them advice on surviving college.

Endowment Returns FY 2017

Corp. Sets Minimum Endowment Distribution Amid Financial Constraints

The Harvard Corporation has voted to allow schools to take capped amounts of money out of the endowment for the next three fiscal years in an effort to insulate budgets from fluctuations in Harvard’s investment returns.

Endowment Returns FY 2017

Harvard’s Endowment Returns, Explained

Harvard’s endowment posted an 8.1 percent return on its investments for the fiscal year. Here’s what that means, and why it matters.