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Sexual Assault Bill Author Encourages Youth Activism

Amanda N. Nguyen ’13, founder and president of advocacy group Rise, criticized the lack of support the legal system affords sexual assault victims and emphasized young people’s ability to change that system during an address in Currier House Monday.

College Dean Rakesh Khurana

Khurana Focuses on Faculty Dean Role, Does Not Support or Condemn Strike

Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana did not take a firm stance for or against the ongoing dining workers’ strike, instead saying he sees his role as minimizing disruption to House life.

Updates on the Honor Council

Sophomores, Sciences Saw Most Honor Council Cases Last Year

The vast majority of 115 academic dishonesty cases the College’s Honor Council heard last academic year occurred in courses offered in the Sciences Division or the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, according to the adjudicating body’s first-ever annual report.


SLAM Steps Up Strike Activism, to Mixed Reactions

Harvard’s dining services workers have been marching and banging drums the past two weeks while manning picket lines, and one group of students have taken up their cause with equal gusto.


Harvard Corp. Leaders Tell Divest Activists University Moving Away from Coal

While Corporation members maintained during the meeting that Harvard will not divest from the fossil fuel industry, they did say the University is currently not investing in the coal industry.


Students Concerned About Food Safety, Options as HUDS Strike Drags On

Students have reported finding undercooked meals, meat mixed in with vegetarian food, and insects in their food, prompting some to wonder whether understaffed kitchens are able to maintain regular health and safety standards.


Faculty Deans Walk Narrow Line During HUDS Strike

While the dual roles of community steward and bureaucratic manager rarely conflict, Wednesday’s strike of dining service workers has put Faculty Deans in an awkward position.

Tatte: yummmmm
Square Business

Tatte: Why I Took Out Student Loans

Tatte, we’re so glad you’re here. Perfect timing with the opening, too. With an indefinitely long HUDS strike imminent and frozen food as our likely only offered option, you can bet on a flood of Harvard students coming your way.


Pro-Trump Email Urging Students to ‘Fight White Genocide’ Circulates College

The College has requested Harvard police investigate an email sent to some undergraduates urging them to stop “white genocide” and vote for Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump.

Harvard University President Drew G. Faust

For Second Year, Faust Funds College Social Life

She may not be paying a $5 cover charge at the door, but University President Drew G. Faust is funding undergraduate social events for the second year in a row.


New Dean of Students Hopes to Connect, ‘Get Out of the Way’

At a time when the College is escalating its involvement in student life, new Dean of Students Katherine G. O’Dair said social programming should largely be the domain of undergraduates—with administrative support.


New BGLTQ and Diversity Offices On Track to Completion by Next Year

By next year, Harvard will likely complete the renovation of Grays Hall basement into a dedicated space for the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity and the BGLTQ Office.

Dean Khurana
Undergraduate Council

College Launches Sexual Assault Online Training Module

​The College is launching its first ever online sexual assault prevention training module, and requiring all undergraduates to complete the program by mid-October.

Farkas Hall
Student Groups

Hasty Pudding Theatricals Alumni Petition Garners 86 Signatures Against All-Male Cast

At least 86 individuals have signed a Hasty Pudding Theatricals alunni petition advocating an end to the group’s tradition of an all-male cast, according to email correspondence obtained by The Crimson.

Farkas Hall

More Than a Dozen Women Audition for All-Male Cast of Hasty Pudding, None Receive Callbacks

More than a dozen women auditioned for the Hasty Pudding Theatricals’ annual show last week, putting pressure on the traditionally all-male campus drag troupe to allow women to join their cast—but none received a callback.