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Parting Shot

The Inspiration of Education

I realize that I’ve gained much more than an education—I’ve been inspired, and that’s what I’ll be most grateful for as I receive my diploma on Commencement day.

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Crossing the Line

Rush Limbaugh had a First Amendment right to say exactly what he said, but listeners have a corresponding right to call in and complain about the comments, and to urge advertisers to drop their financial support for the program.

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Profits and Bridges

There’s a scene in the new film “Margin Call”—a fictionalized retelling of the first 24 hours of the 2008 financial crisis—in which a recently-fired risk analyst sits on his front porch and reflects on his life’s work.

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Righting The Courts

We need to encourage politicians to avoid framing every issue as one of rights, to stop appealing to the courts to resolve these issues, and to avoid rhetoric that encourages the kind of adversarial legalism that has led to increased litigation of personal and political issues in the past several decades.

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An Issue of Safety

Over the long weekend, I visited a friend at a university in New York. When entering this friend’s dorm for the first time, I was immediately stopped by a security guard who took my driver’s license, recorded my name, informed me that I had to be out of the building by 10pm, and kept the license until I left later that night.


Secure Communities and Borders

Secure Communities is an effective program because it engages local police officers in the immigration regulation process without overriding the federal government’s broader authority in this area.


Freedom and Sensitivity

Nonetheless, the Court’s opinion overlooks two crucial distinctions. First, it overlooks the difference between restrictions on freedom of speech and restrictions on the how, when, and where of speech. Second, it overlooks the difference between possessing rights and exercising them.


Choice Alone Is Not Enough

We need to refocus the national education debate by choosing to raise performance instead of decrease inequality.


Stuck in the Quad

A recent call to the Harvard Disability Van Service went something like this:


The Best and the Brightest

Ultimately, programs like Race to the Top represent the best means of achieving educational advancement in the United States, and competitive grants should be used more frequently in fostering progress. Nonetheless, a number of changes can improve this already effective program in its future incarnations.


Reevaluating Race

The true injustice of affirmative action programs aimed at rectifying past discrimination relates to the victims of these programs: students who are guilty of no discrimination on their own but who are held collectively accountable for their race’s past actions.


Pluralism in Public Education

Universities have an invested interest in the environment created on their campuses, and they have a corresponding right to discourage groups that would disturb their desired atmosphere.


Waiting for a Better Movie

The system of evaluating educators which the film seems to advocate is arbitrary and incomplete.


A Legal Education

In order to develop any long-term solution to the problem of illegal immigration, Americans need to stop incentivizing it.


Separation of Mosque and State

The Park51 mosque continues to be the focus of most mainstream media outlets, but last week, it was a controversy around a smaller mosque located in Roxbury, Massachusetts, that truly illustrated an important point about the role of religion in America.