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Teen Boom Boom-What?

The craze of fame-seeking, Bieber-imitating, overzealous teenagers is all right as long as a certain line isn’t crossed. Jenna Rose, however, has crossed that line.


A New Middle East

An international relations theory professor once compared President Woodrow Wilson’s approach to democracy with that of President George W. Bush. ...


A Lesson in Tolerance

Regardless of the political conflict that Israel has with Lebanon, in this case, the Lebanese made a clear distinction between faith and national loyalty.


A Lost Travel Opportunity

The New York Times described this city as a “palm-fringed Middle Eastern city [that] is bingeing on new buildings and cultural projects” with a “fast-expanding night-life strip, an upstart design district, new hotels and the country’s first contemporary art museum.”

Be a Crimson Cartoonist
Student Groups

Be a Crimson Cartoonist


Freshmen Make Video... About Politics

In an effort to raise public awareness concerning the DREAM Act and in order to get Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown’s attention, a group of three freshman students produced and filmed a public service announcement video.

House Life

Eliot House

Majestically situated on the banks of the Charles, Eliot House has a lot to offer the lucky freshmen placed here. With a vibrant community, a gorgeous courtyard, loving House Masters, and a wealth of facilities, this House is truly an all-inclusive package. Freshmen assigned to Eliot will have no reason to envy any of their (less fortunate) peers.


A Recipe for Disaster

Politicians need to sacrifice their personal gains for the good of the country.

FOCUS: U.S. Response to Iran

Iran’s influence on international relations cannot be overstated. The country is at the center of some of the most hotly

Campaign Sales

The tempting road to the White House seems clear to the more political of Harvard freshmen. It starts with election