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Graduation Robe and Keffiyeh at HOOP Protest

Harvard Prepares for Commencement Disruptions, Enlists Tutors as ‘De-Escalators’

The College enlisted a number of residential tutors across the 12 undergraduate Houses to serve as “de-escalators” during this week’s Commencement festivities as Harvard makes contingency plans for handling disruptive protests.

Randolph Hall

‘Tied to the People’: As Renovations Loom, Harvard Affiliates Say House Culture Will Persevere

Despite initial fears, alumni and affiliates who experienced living through past renovation projects expressed optimism surrounding House culture — saying that they were able to preserve their Houses’ long-standing traditions, culture, and spirit.

Freshman Proctors Weld Hall
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‘People Have Spoken’: Harvard Residential Advisors Vote Against Unionization

Both prospective units of the Harvard Union of Residential Advisors voted against unionization Wednesday, ending HURA’s year-long fight — including a two-months-long public campaign — to unionize Harvard’s residential tutors, proctors, and house aides.

Adams Inn

Adams House Announces Climate Funding Program for Student Projects

Adams House, one of Harvard’s twelve upperclassmen houses, launched Adams Works on Climate earlier this month — a two-year program to fund climate projects led by Adams residents.

HURA Anti-Union Harvard Yard
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Harvard Residential Advisers Allege University Administrators Engaged in Union-Busting Tactics

Harvard Union of Residential Advisors organizers allege University administrators have engaged in “captive audience meetings” and anti-union messaging through emails to tutors, proctors, and house aides ahead of HURA’s union recognition elections.

Canaday Mice Graphic

‘Like a Horror Movie’: Freshmen Complain About Mice in Dorms

Though several freshmen said they have seen mice in their dorms since early last fall, many said they noticed an increase in recent weeks.

Grays Hall

Harvard College Changes Freshman Advising Model, Assigns ‘Pre-Concentration Advisers’

The Harvard College Advising Programs Office rolled out significant changes to the first-year advising network, assigning incoming freshmen pre-concentration advisers during their first three semesters.

Winthrop Smells Graphic

Monthslong ‘Putrid’ Odor in Winthrop Dining Hall Draws Student Complaints

A persistent odor in the Winthrop House dining hall has drawn student complaints and a range of speculated causes. Students described the smell as “putrid,” likening it to trash and sewage.

University Hall
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Task Forces on Antisemitism, Islamophobia Announce Listening Sessions for Harvard Undergraduates

Harvard’s dual presidential task forces to combat antisemitism and anti-Muslim and anti-Arab bias will hold a series of listening sessions for undergraduate students over the next two weeks, according to a Friday morning email from the Dean of Students Office.

Inter House Transfer Graphic

‘Treat It Like a Lottery’: Interhouse Transfer Application Decisions Released

In the first round of fall interhouse transfer, 142 students applied, according to a spokesperson for the Housing Office.

Ventilation and HEPA Filters Pennypacker Hall
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Following Uptick in Campus Respiratory Illnesses, Students Criticize Dorm Ventilation

Students in some of Harvard’s undergraduate dorms are pointing to issues with building ventilation systems as the cause for a surge of respiratory illness cases on campus last month.

Kirkland House Flag
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As House Renewals Continue, Kirkland Residents Want Traditions But Fewer Rats

As the ongoing renovation of Harvard’s upperclassmen Houses shifts to River West, some Kirkland House residents said they want to preserve house traditions but lose the rats.

Proctor Union Graphic

Harvard Proctors and Tutors Plan to Launch Unionization Push

Some Harvard residential tutors, proctors, and house aides are planning to publicly launch a campaign for unionization, an effort they have been quietly working towards since last spring.

Eliot House Gate

Despite Rumors, Freshmen Swipe Access to Remain Restricted for River Run

Swipe access will remain unchanged for freshmen during “River Run” even as the First Year Experience and First Year Social Committee Offices will provide food trucks, a snack bar, and games at the Malkin Athletic Center to mark the informal college tradition.

Data Match Preview Graphic
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A ‘Universal Harvard Experience’: Students Seek Love and Laughter Through Datamatch

Following Datamatch’s annual re-launch last Wednesday, thousands of Harvard students began to upload photos and input their zodiac signs and Myers-Briggs personality types into the student-run online matchmaking service.