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Parting Shot

Saying Yes

Making a conscious effort to be spontaneous and adventurous has made all the difference to me in deriving enjoyment out of a place that I know can be stressful, high-pressure, and demanding.


Hoarders Anonymous

It happened unexpectedly a few weeks ago. From the pile of dented-beyond-repair storage boxes, along with other moving-in detritus destined ...


Why We Argue about Amy Chua

Walking by the Harvard Book Store the other day, I noticed that the Tiger Mother from Yale—Amy Chua—was coming to ...


The Miners and the President

Oct. 13, 2010 was a joyous day for the 33 miners who were finally rescued from a collapsed mine shaft in northern Chile and reunited with their families.


Dissent: Advantages for the Advantaged

Providing an admissions boost to applicants who have a close relative who attended Harvard is, in effect, affirmative action for individuals who already enjoy many advantages—a practice that should be officially discontinued.

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Exclusivity by Any Other Name

Final club members should just enjoy their good fortune and stop pretending that the minor reforms they make are steps toward the advancement of civil rights.


The Name Game

Humanities concentrators come from a range of science backgrounds, so it is appropriate to review certain science and math concepts for those of us who haven’t touched a calculator in a few years.


Harvard To Host First Asian-American Summit

Harvard Asian-American alumni from around the world are slated to fly to Cambridge this fall for the first-ever Harvard Asian American Alumni Summit, an event sponsored by the Harvard Asian American Alumni Alliance.

Summer Postcard

POSTCARD: Disconnecting the Dots

I sat awkwardly, trying to think of an answer to a question I had now been asked one too many times: “How are you going to integrate your summer experience into your life at Harvard and beyond?”

Summer Postcard

POSTCARD: A History Lesson

The more I learn about Chile, the more I see that it is in many ways trapped by its past, and that history can function as a barrier to progress.

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POSTCARD: The Social Network

As a norteamericana, I sometimes find it difficult to comprehend how much value Chilean place on building community and strong social ties—the right social ties, that is.

Summer Postcard

POSTCARD: In the Heart of Darkness

It is impossible to describe the feeling of listening to someone praise a man who was responsible for the torture and death of thousands of Chilean citizens during his brutal 17-year regime.


Whose Facebook is it anyway?

Facebook used to be just that, an online “book” where you could display non-literal representations of your visage, along with other manifestations of your “face.”


Twenty and Counting

I used to think that coming to college was supposed to mark my transition into adulthood, but in many ways, it feels like this college has caused my transformation to inch along at an interminable pace.


Raising the Stakes

Vampire fiction tends to ignore all the things that might make its characters actually interesting to anyone who isn’t a complete sucker for chiseled cheekbones or cheesy lines.