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Renewing Winthrop

Renewing Winthrop

Winthrop, pictured in a Crimson file photo from 2009, is the fourth House in line to be renovated as part of the House renewal project, the Winthrop House masters announced to the House community Wednesday evening.


An Empty, Canted Street

There’s a stretch of land, no longer than one tenth of a mile long, that I know better than any other. With a little hustle I can make the distance in less than a minute flat.


The Harvey Mansfield Story

You could call him a polemic. But then you might be missing the point.





Pforzheimer Pfoho House Flyby Image

Pforzheimer House

Pforzheimer House is in the Quad. If you can get over that fact, then it really is one of the best Houses on campus. With its happening House Masters, strong House life, and spacious rooms, if you get into Pfoho (and have a good pair of walking shoes), then you're set up for a great three years.

Memorial Church

Reverend Peter Gomes Hospitalized After Stroke

Reverend Peter J. Gomes, who has overseen the Memorial Church for the last three and a half decades, had a stroke Dec. 10, according to Jonathan Page, a former Epps Fellow and at Memorial Church.

Harvard Republican Club

Allegations Cloud Harvard Republican Club Race

Michael W. McLean ’12 won an uncontested race for the Harvard Republican Club presidency last night after Luis A. Martinez ’12 pulled out of the contest while denying accusations that he forged an e-mail from the consulting firm McKinsey & Company to Harvard students.

J Term

J-Term Approvals Hold Steady

The College accepted approximately 93 percent of undergraduate applications for on-campus housing during the second January Term, according to winter break coordinator Erin E. Goodman. The 1,375 undergraduate students who applied for housing were notified of the college’s decisions yesterday. Approximately 1,275 requests were approved.


Accommodate to Learn

The deadline had come and gone, and Michael’s final expository writing paper remained unfinished.


University Moves School Start

The University has shifted the start dates for fall classes over the next seven years to minimize disruptions caused by the Labor Day holiday and to alleviate the “compressed pace” of the fall semester, according to an e-mail sent to the Faculty of Arts and Sciences community yesterday.

Career Center

OCS to Offer J-Term Activities

The Office of Career Services plans to remain open and offer off-campus trips during the Optional Winter Activities Week this January, adding to the list of College-sponsored activities available during that time.


College Reviews LGBT Support

Dean of the College Evelynn M. Hammonds has charged a new working group with examining student life issues on campus for bisexual, gay, lesbian, and transgender undergraduates.


Harvard College Mandates Pre-Term Planning to Gauge Class Sizes

Starting this semester, undergraduates and some graduate students will be required to tentatively declare their course schedules for the following semester months before shopping period begins.


College Announces Pre-Term Planning

Starting next semester, undergraduates and some graduate students will be required to tentatively declare their course schedules months before shopping period begins.