"Hamilton" Photo

‘Hamilton’ Review: A Contemporary Classic Dazzles in Boston

Whether a reluctant theatergoer, a crazed fan, or somewhere in between, “Hamilton” is an exceptional artistic and educational experience that will win over the hearts of even the most skeptical attendees.

"The Merry Widow" Photo

‘The Merry Widow’ Preview: ‘A Big Party’ for Harvard College Opera’s 30th Anniversary

Between the music, choreography, and singing, the audiences might have a hard time deciding what their favorite parts were.

Life of Pi Photo

‘Life of Pi’ Review: Crouching Tiger, Open Sea

The latest A.R.T. production is not among the greatest faith stories ever told, but its dramatic power saves it from tweeness.

Cybele Fasquelle Queen of Magic

‘Queen of Magic’ Review: Magic, Family, and Acceptance. Can One Woman Have it All?

Described by the director as a “tale of ambition, friendship, and legacy”, the “Queen of Magic” delivers a story that truly captures the complexity of narratives concerning successful women.

Katie McClanan Photo

Katie McClanan ’22 on Spirituality, Writing, and Honesty

For Katie McClanan, creating “Sexy Girls and A Fish Contemplate Impermanence” was a spiritual journey involving a month in a Zen buddhist monastery and two months farming in different parts of the world.

SIX Photo

'Six' Review: A Vibrant Celebration of Feminism — Just Don’t Think About It Too Hard

Divorced, Beheaded, Died; Divorced, Beheaded, Survived. The famous rhyme takes on a new life as the basis of “Six,” a musical reimagining of the six wives of King Henry VIII as they battle to emerge as the leader of a new pop girl group.

ISCARIOT Dress Rehearsal Photo

‘ISCARIOT’ Preview: A Heretical, Gay, Thoughtful Musical

The Hollywood Hills are not what comes to mind upon hearing the word “Iscariot.” But that’s exactly where “ISCARIOT” — an unconventional spin on the biblical narrative of Jesus and Judas — takes its audience.

Cybele Fasquelle in Queen of Magic

‘Queen of Magic’ Preview: Original Musical Explores the Price of Female Success

“Queen of Magic,” an original musical premiering on Dec. 1 and running through Dec. 3 at the Loeb Ex, tells the story of vaudeville performer Adelaide Herrmann and her niece-slash-assistant Adele.

Kalos Chu picture

Kalos K. Chu ’22-’23 on Creative Development and Building a Musical from the Ground Up

"One of the things about Harvard is that I think a lot of times when you do something here you feel like you have to be the best at it or it’s not worth doing, and I think that is the worst idea ever," Chu said.

Zoa Archer as Romeo

What If?’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ Review: Vibrant, Queer, Briliant

What if Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” was two girls kissing in a secret psychedelic basement?

Bill Irwin in "On Beckett"

‘On Beckett’ Review: Bill Irwin’s Play Is a Captivating Theatrical Lecture

After 90 minutes Bill Irwin looked at the audience one last time before saying his final line: “This is all I have to say tonight, “ skillfully leaving the audience wanting more — more  “On Beckett” and more Bill Irwin.

Sophie Garrigus as Lorna James in "The Effect"
Visual Arts

‘The Effect’ Preview: ‘Love, Drugs, and Ethics’

“The Effect,” running Nov. 10 through Nov. 13 at the Loeb Ex, follows two volunteers in a clinical trial who fall in love. It aims for realism and an immersive, thought-provoking experience.


‘Iolanthe’ Preview: Gilbert and Sullivan's Latest is ‘Beautiful and Sensitive, Yet Hilarious’

"Iolanthe" mixes love with a critique of Victorian Britain to the tune of a 25 instrument orchestra, and runs Nov. 10 through Nov. 13 at the Agassiz Theater.

HCSUCS Group Picture

The Harvard College Stand-up Comic Society Strives for Openness, Embraces the Silliness

HCSUCS is open to everyone, and provides a space for anyone who is interested in stand-up to stop by, listen, or, as Yoo puts it, “riff, as the industry lingo goes…”

Chazz Palminteri Picture

‘A Bronx Tale’ Review: Chazz Palminteri Brings the Bronx to Boston

“A Bronx Tale” is a glittering tribute to people like Lorenzo who tirelessly strive for a better life for themselves and the ones they love.