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'Speakeasy: The Faire' Still

‘Speakeasy: The Faire’ Review: A Friday Night Comedy Extravaganza

"Speakeasy: The Faire" featured five stand-up comedians and musical performances and delivered a true reverie.

'Little Shop of Horrors' Still

‘Little Shop of Horrors’ Preview: A Campy, Gory, Mesmerizing Comedy Musical

Harvard is home to all sorts of mesmerizing flowers. Conspicuously absent, however, are giant, extraterrestrial, carnivorous flytrap-like plants.

Constellations Preview Photo

‘Constellations’ Preview: A Love Story in a Multiverse

Quantum mechanics and the multiverse theory feature prominently in the play, so much so that the production staff includes a physics specialist.

zach vanity image

Editor at Large Zachary J. Lech

Editor at Large Zachary J. Lech
Year in Review

Arts Vanity: Excerpts from the Book of Eccl-eal-siastes

Verily, it is said by the EAL: “Say thou to them, and to the after-comers of them, Each article of your section, that nigheth to those things that be hallowed, in which is uncleanness, it shall perish before the EALs.”

Jekyll & Hyde team

‘Jekyll & Hyde’ Preview: Seductive, Thrilling, Complex

The team behind "Jekyll and Hyde" aims to present a nuanced take on the show, venturing beyond the figures of Jekyll and Hyde, embracing character depth, and giving justice to the musical’s technical complexity.

"All Quiet on the Western Front" Best Picture Ballot

Case for Best Picture: 'All Quiet on the Western Front'

To say that “All Quiet on the Western Front” is an anti-war film would do it a disservice. It is a war film in the fullest sense of the word.

"The Merry Widow" Photo

‘The Merry Widow’ Preview: ‘A Big Party’ for Harvard College Opera’s 30th Anniversary

Between the music, choreography, and singing, the audiences might have a hard time deciding what their favorite parts were.

Zach Vanity Image 2

Arts Vanity: Level-up Your Charcuterie Board With These Eight Must-Haves

Have you already mastered charcuterie board making? Do you want to wow your friends and family this holiday season?

Cybele Fasquelle in Queen of Magic

‘Queen of Magic’ Preview: Original Musical Explores the Price of Female Success

“Queen of Magic,” an original musical premiering on Dec. 1 and running through Dec. 3 at the Loeb Ex, tells the story of vaudeville performer Adelaide Herrmann and her niece-slash-assistant Adele.

ISCARIOT Dress Rehearsal Photo

‘ISCARIOT’ Preview: A Heretical, Gay, Thoughtful Musical

The Hollywood Hills are not what comes to mind upon hearing the word “Iscariot.” But that’s exactly where “ISCARIOT” — an unconventional spin on the biblical narrative of Jesus and Judas — takes its audience.

Sophie Garrigus as Lorna James in "The Effect"
Visual Arts

‘The Effect’ Preview: ‘Love, Drugs, and Ethics’

“The Effect,” running Nov. 10 through Nov. 13 at the Loeb Ex, follows two volunteers in a clinical trial who fall in love. It aims for realism and an immersive, thought-provoking experience.


‘Iolanthe’ Preview: Gilbert and Sullivan's Latest is ‘Beautiful and Sensitive, Yet Hilarious’

"Iolanthe" mixes love with a critique of Victorian Britain to the tune of a 25 instrument orchestra, and runs Nov. 10 through Nov. 13 at the Agassiz Theater.

"Something Rotten" Photo

‘Something Rotten’ Preview: Hyperion Breaks with Tradition, Stages a Musical

“It's the most funny show out there. ‘Infectiously happy’ is a nice way to describe it,” said director Samuel F. Dvorak '23.

The cast of Kirkland Drama Society's "Quadyssey"

Kirkland Drama Society Brings Hocodysseus Home in 'Quadyssey'

On Oct. 21, the Kirkland Drama Society staged its production of "The Quadyssey," the epic tale of Hocodysseus' return to Ithakirk from the distant Quad.