{shortcode-92f3ef7df174feb4286fc32a8c9d7c45b4d9a257} Maybe you designed your own shopping week. Maybe you thought you really could handle six classes this semester. Or maybe you just can’t pick between those two classes (neither of which count towards your concentration, but hey, intellectual exploration is very integral to our liberal arts education — Dean Khurana’s words, not mine). Whatever the case may be, you’re now stuck spending one too many hours in class and not enough time doing homework for said class. Your roommates are saying it, your mom is saying it, and even you know it deep down: it’s time to drop that class. Not sure if you’re in that position yet? Read on to find out. Here are the five signs it’s time you lighten that schedule of yours.

1. You Have To Drag Yourself There

Is it your only class at the SEC? Is it at 9:45 a.m., meaning you have to be up at the ungodly hour of 9 a.m. to make it on time? Is it a reading heavy class but you hate doing any of the readings and will end up dreading the section? If you have to give yourself a pep talk every time you go to this class and it’s only the second week of the semester, it may be time to drop the class.

2. It’s Your Sixth Class

Unless you’re a senior who has to take a sixth class for some unknown reason (potentially a last minute secondary declaration), don’t do this to yourself. Unless (maybe, just maybe) you take one of them pass-fail. The beginning of the semester may have been chill so far, but there is a long, treacherous battle up ahead filled with midterms, finals, and assignments. If you end up sticking with a sixth class, make sure it’s worth it. Otherwise drop it and focus on what you absolutely need to take this semester.

3. You Thought It Was A Requirement, But It’s Not

Electives are important. They’re your one chance to make yourself sound cool and interesting. You are no longer just a government concentrator with an economics secondary. You also just happen to be interested in folklore and mythology and would like to keep taking that gem super interesting class. All this until you realize you still have three Gen Eds to take and you’re a junior… maybe it’s time to drop this class.

4. It Requires Too Much Time That You Don’t Have

You actually don’t have to always take the most time-consuming classes, even if they seem to be in line with the academic rigor that you’re looking for. If the class is asking you for twenty hours of reading a week — even if you think you can handle it — remember that you need to account for your other classes too. Maybe fill out your GCal with all of the time you would need to spend on all of your classes. This way you’ll figure out if you should drop that class, or if it’s worth it.

5. You Just Don’t Vibe With It

We don’t blame you. Sometimes, classes just suck. It may be your relationship with the professor, the teaching fellow, the content or your peers. Whatever the case may be, go with your gut! Your time at Havard is limited. Spend it doing what you really want to be doing. Don’t vibe with the course? Drop it. Unless, of course, you need it for your concentration, or your secondary, or your citation, or your joint… in that case, power through. We’ll always be manifesting an A for you.

BONUS: Your Ex-Situationship is in said course.

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon — do you really want to be haunted by the reminders of your past? Are you strong enough to resist the temptation to reignite the flame? If you can be friends, friendly, or even just civil with your ex-situationship, we respect you and maybe you can stay in this course. But if you’re feeling a little tempted, maybe you should drop it. It’s not worth it, we promise.

DISCLAIMER: flyby blog does not provide accurate academic advising. If this decision seems really important and complicated, make sure to talk to your academic advisor by logging into my.harvard.edu and sending them an email. We hope this helps support you in your dreams of becoming an academic weapon this semester.