{shortcode-9014f51c0cce2f6aa0c4e6588465f4ecd52c4f9f}If you’re single this Valentine’s Day, a) you’re not alone, and b) you don’t have to feel alone, because Flyby is here with some handy tips for single people to survive Valentine’s Day, also known as Singles Awareness Day (S.A.D.). There is no need to turn into the Grinch (Valentine’s Day Version) because love is all around, so here’s how to embrace self-love, friend love, family love, food love, pset love and so on.

Treat Yourself!

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about treating that special someone in your life, and the person who you should love the most, the real BAE, is yourself. Self-love is the best love, so take this as your sign to spoil yourself. Retail therapy always works, so you might as well buy yourself that Keurig or those headphones that you have had your eye on. You know what else is perfect for filling your Valentine’s Day void? A decadent dessert. The Square has plenty of options, like Amorino Gelato, Mike’s Pastries, Milk Bar, and Zinneken’s (but beware of the couples). Look on the bright side: instead of spending money on someone else, you can splurge on yourself.

Remember the good things about being single.

Being single has its perks. You may be single on Valentine’s this year, but at least you’re not chasing a red flag. You have more time for your friends, family, and hobbies. You don’t have to share your food, ever. Your phone battery isn’t getting drained from calls and texts. You can watch whatever movie you want. You can literally do whatever you want with whoever you want. There’s no drama, no judgment, and no worries. You have so much freedom, so make the most out of being single now.

On the other hand, you can also wallow.

If trying to ignore the fact that you’re single, lonely, and sad doesn’t work, then embrace the misery. Hide away from heart decorations and lovey-dovey couples by staying in, ordering some unhealthy food, and watching something. All Netflix, no chill. Surprisingly, there are a lot of Valentine’s horror movies out there, like “My Bloody Valentine,” and romcoms like “How to Be Single” can be a great escape. Give yourself some time to feel your feelings because as soon as Feb. 15 comes around, the pity party is over, and you’re back to the reality of being a busy academic weapon.

Do what YOU love!

What’s a better day to practice the self-love first philosophy than the most loving day of the year? You get to be selfish on this day. You can dress to impress yourself. You can revisit some of the hobbies you love but never seem to have time for these days. You can hang out with your friends and throw a Galentine’s/Palentine’s party. Make it a happy day by ending it with some well-deserved me time. Put on your favorite pajamas and have a scrumptious meal in the comfort of your own dorm. Food will always be your Valentine. Food will never leave you.

It’s normal to struggle with Valentine’s Day if you’re single. If you have been dreading Feb. 14 approaching, hopefully these tips can help you out. If all else fails, you can always use Taylor Swift’s “How You Get The Girl” as a last resort to win the affection of your class crush.