Goodbye hot girl summer, welcome to cuffing season. Here are ten places you can maybe find ~love~ at Harvard (even if it’s just for a semester because you realized all your classes are gems and are now looking for some unnecessary stress in other departments).

The Quad Shuttle

You’re going to the Quad. They’re going to the Quad. Except you’re late for the bus, and you run to catch the shuttle even though the last time you ran was four and a half months ago. Like anyone would, they hold the door for you, but then your eyes meet, and sparks fly. Suddenly everything is clear: your wedding will take place on the steps of Memorial Church, and you’ll be the Harvard couple everyone wishes they could be.

3 A.M. at Lamont

If you’re both Lamonsters — isn’t that already a date? There’s just something about the ~secluded alcoves ~ in the Lamont basement. All those whiteboards on wheels — it’s almost like the librarians knew what they were doing. Your confirmed compatibility rating is nothing short of 11/10.

Any of the Gyms. Any.

Mac or QRAC, House gym or Hemenway — anyone at the gym has (or is at least faking) a balanced lifestyle. Find someone who puts themselves first, before grades and all the 74,383 club comps. Or don’t. We would have to go to the gym to confirm this, so this is just a hypothesis.

Elliot & Adams Tunnels

From one entryway to another, we hope you meet your match (and not the rats) as you escape from blockmates and everyone in between. A romantic rendezvous after dinner? We think yes. Just try not to get lost in this Romeo and Juliet love affair — the tunnels won’t be fun if you can’t find your way out.

Pfoho Bell Tower

Allegedly where Mark Zukerberg, our most famous alumni-ish, met his wife while waiting in line for the bathroom after a party. Maybe the Quad isn’t all that bad? Or maybe, love just blossoms in cursed places. Either way, we don’t mind — go find yourself a future billionaire!


With hot breakfast in the mornings and more privacy than the other accommodations, Cronkhite may be a blessing in disguise. Located away from the other eleven swing houses, Cronkhite offers the perfect duo: singles and seclusion. Walk the walk, minus all the shame. Need we say more?

Sanders Theater

We get it, you’re into security and financial stability. Go get your Computer Science and Economics cutie and let us know if the pset-to-lovers pipeline is real. Try out this location, and you may end up with the gift of having perpetual scooter access for the rest of your time at Harvard <3

Cambridge Common

Picnics? Frisbee? In a small-to-medium-sized park filled with members of the greater Cambridge community? Sounds like the perfect place to meet someone as long as you can avoid all the children… Also where one-fourth of freshmen have their first date (source: trust me).

Smith Collaborative Commons

Situated right in the Square, you can grab food after classes and then head to your study date in an area designated for chatting away. You could finish that Pset or plan for the next big startup. Alternatively, study here every day for one week, and you’ll meet half the student population. Attempt the art of study speed dating and hop from table to table until you find the one.

Lowell Co-Ed Bathrooms

With only a few sinks and stalls, the Lowell bathrooms are still limited in number and used by everyone. Although every now and then you’ll get a shocked civilian who enters and exits within 0.0003 seconds — eventually, you may find yourself brushing your teeth next to the same person every day or having the same nighttime routine. Get married.

Hope you find the LOYLFTS (love of your life for this semester),