{shortcode-18cff8e5a37a5cfc4f01b180ed023a9fe59df0a0}It’s been a few weeks since college closed, and while many things have undoubtedly changed, email correspondence certainly hasn’t. From having to ask professors about their new syllabus to sending check-in emails to club members, we are even more immersed in this digital mode of communication than ever before.

Do you feel like your COVID-19 email openers are getting overused and becoming stale? Is the “I hope you are well during these unusual times” line falling flat? Here are some tips on how to spice up your emails and deliver some quality openers!

“Hope you’re hanging in there… By the way, here’s an article on mask shortage controversies in the U.S. that I thought you might enjoy reading.”

A great opener to your professors and mentors. Not only are you showing concern, as you should, but you are also passing on some interesting information that can matter a lot in the current climate. Who knows? Maybe they’ll learn something helpful for themselves and their family.

“I hope you are faring well and that the __________ hasn’t been too stressful for you and your family.”

Not the most original line, but it doesn’t sound contrived like other greetings. It also exhibits the acknowledgement of a specific factor (online transition of instruction, caring for a loved one who is ill, etc) that you haven’t generalized to all other emails.

“How is everything? I’ve started __________”

We are all (hopefully) at home and bored, so anyone would love to hear what their correspondents have been up to, from new hobbies to new cooking skills.

Just get to the point.

If it’s already the third exchange, it might be easier to just say what you need to. Sometimes normalcy is appreciated, especially when everything is “trying” and “uncertain” nowadays.

In all seriousness though, in these difficult times please check in on your friends and mentors whenever you have a chance. A simple text or email can go a long way!