Make America Great Again? More like Make Harvard Great Again.

With a string of recent athletic, social, and political misfortunes, many Harvard students have been left slightly dazed and confused about the outcome of 2016. Well, our lives may be sad and miserable at the moment (with reading period and imminent exams the cherry on top of a long year), but Tiffany Trump’s life definitely isn’t.

A recent graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and aspiring lawyer (according to her Instagram, at least), Tiffany is perhaps better known as the younger daughter of Donald Trump, who in case you missed it is our country’s president-elect. Tiffany Trump is reported to have visited Harvard Law School this past Tuesday, with law students claiming that the tall blonde, with her posse of Secret Service agents, were unmistakable.

With many celebrities drawn to the prestige of a Harvard education, it doesn’t come as a surprise to us that Tiffany Trump is interested in Harvard as well. We’re interested to see how her father will react if she decides to attend Harvard for law school, especially given his past skirmishes with Harvard (namely with the semi-secret Sorrento Square social organization that used to occasionally publish a so-called humor magazine) and resulting negative rhetoric about Harvard students being “fraudsters and liars”.

But real talk: can you imagine Tiffany Trump and Malia Obama being on Harvard’s campus at the same time? You bet that their respective law school and college move-ins would be an interesting situation, especially if their dads happened to bump into each other. In any case, perhaps Tiffany Trump’s charmed presence at the law school could really make Harvard great again.