{shortcode-52d44686144a498f82b39b286df49c338e0ee4be}Dear Troubled Harvard Students,

Too many times, you’ve accidentally picked the normal Cheerios, thinking they were honey nut scooters. Too often, you’ve stared at your wardrobe, taunted by the boots of yesteryear. Too long, you’ve wondered– what really happened to Dean Evelynn Hammonds?

But fear not. What was once dark is now light.

Simba has Rafiki. Kylie has Kim. Cady has Regina.

And now you have us.

Submit your questions here on everything from the hot TF who’s keeping you up at night to how to find anything on the new my.harvard. We’ve got you covered.

Questions– anonymous. Answers– foolproof.

Submit now.

Or later.

Over and out,
Sara and Dev