What do the postal service and C’est Bon have in common? Neither rain nor snow can stop them from upholding their constitutional duty.

Tonight, in the face of a “historic and potentially crippling” blizzard, C’est Bon understands that they fall under critical personnel. Harvard’s premier law-abiding liquor store will be open throughout the snowfall, extending their normal business hours for the foreseeable future. How do we know this? We were there ourselves just a few minutes ago.

Massachusetts Governor Charles D. Baker ’79 has declared a state of emergency, and so has C’est Bon. They are currently at code level Rubinoff.    

However, C’est Bon not only treats its customers right, but its employees as well. After a long hard day of selling alcohol to College students, they will rest their weary legs at a local hotel and enjoy a fine glass of Andre. Please, support these heroes.


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