{shortcode-f8589d467195959c7de2f9b39a80ea0576cf05f3}When he gave a speech at Thursday’s Institute of Politics Forum, United States Vice President Joseph R. Biden could relate to Undergraduate Council Vice President Sietse K. Goffard ’15. When Goffard mentioned his position on the UC during a Q & A session, Biden quipped, “Isn’t it a bitch?”

But how much can Biden really relate to our student government’s vice president? Well, they do have a few things that are sort of in common. Here are just a few comparisons:

1. Biden used to travel an hour and a half by Amtrak to get to work. As a Currier resident, Goffard must go to comparable lengths to reach the Yard from the Quad on the shuttle. (We wonder if Biden is allowed to eat at the White House on Thursdays.)

2. The White House must frequently deal with international crises. The UC has to deal with House Committee funding crises. At least Eliot’s budget debate didn’t cause a student government shutdown.

3. Biden’s selfie game is too strong; his first Instagram selfie was with the U.S. President himself. Goffard can hold his own, though; he snapped an Oscar-worthy photo with University President Drew G. Faust. Talk about #presidentialselfie.

4. As U.S. Vice President, Biden must be strategic in discussions with diplomats and military personnel.  Goffard saves his war strategies for glorious Chess battles in the Science Center plaza.

5. The U.S. government responds to national security threats. Meanwhile, the UC responds to administrators hiding difficulty scores on the Q Guide. (Seriously though, Math 55: A difficulty rating of 4.6? Talk about DEFCON 1.)